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Clearside was founded in Detroit Michigan by Bryan Clearside. Now residing in Los Angeles, CA I released my first EP: Clearside today July 24 2012. It is a 6 song EP consisting of instrumentals that combine rock and electronic and lots of analog synth. I've spent two years writing, recording, programming, engineering and mixing this EP myself. I used tuncore to distribute and have high hopes the creative commons license will help aid collaboration with film makers, gamers, and re-mixers. It is dark and cinematic and it doesn't suck.

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Out now is "Shape_Shifted" by post-industrial/electronic rock project Clearside. All tracks were assembled in December 2012 by The Post Riot Era (D. Hinds). All the remixes were generated from the original multi-tracks sessions and no additional instrumentation was used in the process. The remix album is available now from iTunes and Amazon MP3. Clearside released its debut EP on July 24th 2012. Consisting of mostly instrumentals, the self titled EP "Clearside" holds 6 songs and bring a mix of analog synth and heavy guitar with a sci-fi influence.

Founded in a Detroit Michigan and now based in Los Angeles, CA, Clearside's music has been featured in many network and cable television programs as well as Activision's 2009 combat trailer for the sci-fi shooter "Singularity" (see it after the jump) as well as the MIR-12 viral internet campaign. In 2013 Clearside will be featured on the "Best of Radio Reddit 2012". More info on

[ [Shape_Shifted] ]. New album by Clearside title [Shape_Shifted] was released on the 22nd of FEB 2013. Another great and awesome(ly) dark performance from the band. Based on the quoted tags you seriously might want to consider BOTH albums starting with [Shape_Shifted]. Check it out. I'm not a film editor / director or a TV producer ( although I wish I was one ) but this sound is definitely perfect for the game industry and Bryan is quite right too... it doesn't suck at all. Actually it's VERY NICE indeed. By all means stream it, download it and have a LOUD thorough listen.

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"Pulse" is the first single from the new Clearside EP "Light Vision" featuring vocalist Leigh Jones.


Pain-I'll tell you one thing It flows through your heart like ghosts in the dark She's-leaving her body Float through the air like dust in the sun Love- distant familiar Suddenly wakes you like a pulse in the dead Light-bright in your eyes Blinding your vision like a flame in the night Time is more then a pendulum swing Time is more then a pendulum swing (starting to slow, I can't let go)

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Clearside - Pulse Artist - Clearside Album - Pulse [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Electro', Electronic-ambient, Sci-fi, Industrial [ REALLY GOOD / GET IT ] Tracklist 01 - Pulse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearside - Pulse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearside - Shape Shifted Artist - Clearside Album - [Shape_Shifted] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Electro', Electronic-ambient, Sci-fi, Industrial [ REALLY GOOD / GET IT ] Tracklist 1. Through My Mind 02:48 2. Below The Shift 01:34 3. Virus [Immunity Mix] 03:38 4. Gone 02:27 5. Shape_Shifted 04:31 6. Coma 02:11 7. Virus/Cured 01:27 8. Sandblasted [on asid] 03:59 9. Shapeless 05:05 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearside - [Shape_Shifted] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Clearside Album - Clearside Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Electro', Electronic-ambient, Sci-fi, Industrial [ REALLY GOOD ] Tracklist 1. Sandblaster 01:59 2. Siste Viator 02:34 3. Surveillance 02:19 4. Virus 04:01 5. My Mind Is Going 02:39 6. Shapeshifter 04:07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECT DOWNLOAD Clearside - Clearside BANDCAMP STREAM + PURCHASE Clearside - Clearside -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clearside --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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