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2012-12-19 10:24:24 UTC

We are Serotonin Eyes and we play music for your auditory faculty. Melodically driven and electronically produced IDM, Glitch, and Ambient type waves are what you’ll find here, though there are probably some other things floating around in the air as well. The USA is where we reside, specifically Dallas, Texas. But where we’re from isn’t really that important, how we got to you on the other hand is.

Whether you’re sitting in front of a computer, tablet, or smart phone screen, or staring down at a CD one of your friends passed along to you and probably asked you to give back after you burnt it. (They wanted it back right? Oh good, we were worried there for a second.) Or maybe you’re driving down the road and we happened to sneak up on your internet radio channel, or maybe it’s regular radio, who knows? Either way, whether our meeting was intentional or not, we’d like to take this brief moment to extend a friendly, “nice to meet you,” and hope at the same time your day isn’t going half bad.

The music is yours if you’d like to have it, and we hope if you enjoy it half has much as we enjoyed creating it that you’ll pass it along like the guy a little ways back that leant us to his friend. If not, we can respect that, we’re not for everyone. But our hello is getting a little long winded so we’ll cut to the chase… Well, I think we already did. __ [ C.R. Thatcher ].

[ Tintinnabuation EP ] is an extremely gorgeous listen. It's a four tracks EP that clocks just over 20 minutes and incorporate the perfect blend of glitch, IDM and ambient atmospheres together. Simply have a go on the below previews and you'll soon discover a spacey ambient-vibes that have the perfect flow. Check it out guys... I did and I totally love it. Hope there will be more to come under this moniker.

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Artist - Serotonin Eyes Album - Tintinnabuation EP Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, IDM, Instrumental, Glitch, Glitch-core [ EXCELLENT / IDM GLITCH AT ITS BEST ] Tracklist 1. Nuclear Teeth 04:37 2. A Prism In Flux 05:02 3. Lo-Fi For The Ages 04:44 4. Cyclopean Skies 05:49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serotonin Eyes - Tintinnabuation EP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: ZXYZXY | Arms and Sleepers | Saltillo | Underlapper | Fuck Buttons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Serotonin Eyes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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