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* * * * * Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson * * * * *

It was chance that brought the Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson together. It was having nothing better to do that made them make music. Meeting while attending studies in northern Norway in the fall of 2003, the idea of forming a band quickly emerged. School days were short; the sultry city too far away, and there wasn’t all that much else to do. Drummer Morfar, being the most experienced, was the most eager.

Toby and Jerry both had guitars. Audi bought a bass. They had a band and didn’t know what to call it. Toby picked up the line “nude pictures of Florence Henderson” on a TV-show. Nude became youth and they had a name. Rehearsing in a converted, yellow bomb shelter, YPOFH made songs about Geranimo, wedding lists, drugs, optimist sailing teams and driving all night. Some were poppy, some punk, some long and dreamy, and some just plain awful. Despite that, they were all recorded February 2004. Some came out ok. Some were still awful.

The song that came out the most ok was the long and dreamy “A list not to be read at your wedding”. National radio show for unsigned music, NRK Urørt, picked it up and declared it song of the week May 18th 2004, giving it daily rotation. YPOFH figured they were onto something and made more long and dreamy songs about prison life, the open blue sky, the weight in everything, of knowing when to take your hat off and of not taking your sweater off at all.

They made a record and called it “Unnoticeable in a tiny town, invisible in the city”. They recorded, produced, mixed and mastered it themselves in the yellow bomb shelter. They got signed.

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Those gentle, orchestral strands of music coming together behind falsetto vocals; this could be Sigur Rós’ new record, apart from the English lyrics. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson are altogether a gorgeous sounding band; four seemingly organic tracks, songs that feel like they’ve just appeared with no prior thought or practise. Just pure music.

Having perfected their craft slowly over the space of eight or so years, Youth Pictures… have created what is without a doubt their best release. Everything feels solidified, more focussed than their earlier albums. They haven’t got rid of any complexity but instead adapted it into an instantly accessible sound.

Each song is instantly uplifting whilst keeping an air of melancholy. Opener All I Remember is Punk Rock is gently playful, while Hearts and Consequence is more straight forward, showing exactly what this band is capable of as they creating a startling yet altogether poppy sound.

There are moments where this band takes on an almost euphoric sound. The way But Now You Know builds to its finale is something that’s incredible to behold and as closer Swim Team Philosopher builds from the simple melody and becomes something you don’t want to end, because if it ends you know this E.P. will end. __[ Matthew Tilt ].

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Artist – Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
Album – Small Changes We Hardly Notice
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock


1. All I Remember is Punk Rock
2. Hearts & Consequence
3. But Now You Know
4. Swim Team Philosopher
Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson – Small Changes We Hardly Notice

Artist – Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
Album – Unnoticeable in a Tiny Town, Invisible in the City
Release Date – 2005
Genre – Experimental, Post-rock


1 Van Gogh Kept Painting Himself Because He Was the Only Model He Had 6:02
2 Yet We Continue to Build There, the Structure 7:11
3 How Odd to See These Lamps Still Burning 6:28
4 I’ve Got a Picture of You Boss 7:06
5 A List Not to Be Read at Your Wedding 7:28
6 We May Be Remembered by What We Did When We Sat Down 9:31
Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson – Unnoticeable in a Tiny Town, Invisible in the City Password –

Artist – Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
Album – Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Post-rock, Shoegaze [ BEAUTIFUL ]


01 – Let’s Rent Bikes from 1942
02 – I’d Rather Listen to Weston
03 – He Can’t Be Dead, I Got His Autograph Last Week
04 – To Sit Down Or To Follow, So I Follow
05 – Our Door Handles Stopped Moving Years Ago
06 – The League Will Never Let the Albino Kid Win
07 – I Think E.T. is Involved in My Family
08 – Scientists Now Think This City is Overdue
Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson – Youth Pictures Of Florence Henderson
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