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2013-10-04 12:39:46 UTC
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[ harboringghosts ] ~ Think of a fever dream. Remember the sensation of waking up in a cold sweat. Your sheets, pillows and blanket are soaked clean through with the grime and filth of nightmares. Imagine those first breaths after you regain your composure and you realize that you are still surrounded by the comforts of your own bed. Like a weight has been lifted, your eyes come into focus as relief washes over you.

These demo songs from the forthcoming full length LP entitled 'In The Key Of Night' by New Jersian Post-Rock visionaries Au Revoir are like the sudden aftermath of that fever dream. They build, bend, break and spill just like all the best instrumental Post-Rock should. Encompassing such avenues as paranoia, fear, hopelessness and overwhelming exhilaration, both compositions offer everything I could ever want from this style of music.

These songs are majestically defined in scope, with each member offering their blood as sacrifice for the sake of the cresting wave as it rolls back, revealing the brittle frame of despair and fragile truth. Cryptic for the sake of cryptic, this review is meaningless. I can't stress enough how wonderful these songs are. If you enjoy the way bands such as Slint, Grails, Kayo Dot and Aereogramme make you feel, you won't be disappointed.

Members Are:

Corey Reilly-Davis - Bass Dayn Viglione - Guitar Eric Annicchiarico - Guitar and Matthew Carpenter - Drums


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Black Hills is the second album from [ Au Revoir ] quartet, this title in particular opens with a euphoric act, a collection of strings wrap longingly around a rhythmic distortion guitar serving the very best in the instrumental post-rock arena. From day one or shall I say from “In The Key Of Night “ [ Au Revoir ] took me on a captivating journey through multiple iterations where all elements are guided with longing drone and haunting beat.

Let it be the 01st or the 2nd release [ Au Revoir ] generally tend to pause and start, slow-pace their sound as well as speed through a series of riffs contortions in a sleek and charming way. Having the ability and the (skill) to integrate a high and low-end riffing’s, the band demonstrate a high capability to maintain momentum builds-up from one end of the song to the other.

The thrill ride includes no intermission as it’s a consistent journey through some epic and outstanding sound labyrinth. Listening to both releases (one after the other) give me the strong willingness to imply that in one way or the other [ Au Revoir ] is somehow ahead of the curve. “Black Hills” is made up of three movements, three strong instrumental movements that sum up to just under half an hour and conveys an expansive feel while minimizing unnecessary elements. More importantly, “Black Hills” is a straight-up instrumental post-rock record with boasting pieces of average 10 minutes in length where the band roars back and forth with dynamics drop and massive drumming explosions. I’ve had the chance to hear the entire rec’ month in advance before its release date and trust me when I say “Black Hills” is something all post-rock fans should be looking forward to.

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Au Revoir - Black Hills 2013 Artist - Au Revoir Album - Black Hills ( * * * * * ) Release Date - 2013 ( 22nd Of OCT ) Genre - Instrumental, Experimental, Post-rock [ EPIC NOISE ] Tracklist 1. 02/01/1932 09:51 2. 11/07/1932 06:04 3. 31/12/1932 10:10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Au Revoir - Black Hills -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Au Revoir Album - In The Key Of Night [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Post-metal [ Don't Miss It ] Tracklist 1. C# Min 06:10 2. F# Maj 09:58 3. B Maj 08:57 4. Gb Maj 04:24 5. Morning 02:08 6. 6:22 am 05:19 7. 10:43 am 06:42 8. 1:11 pm 06:23 9. 4:34 pm 08:30 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Au Revoir - In The Key Of Night -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Au Revoir --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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