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2012-08-15 13:15:03 UTC

Taiwanese female fronted chamber ensemble [ Cicada ] is led by the composer/pianist "Jesy Chiang" with members including Anne (violin), Wan-Ing (cello), and Bambi (guitar). They released the acclaimed EP "Over the Sea/Under the Water" following the debut performance as the opening act for [ Ólafur Arnalds ] concert in Taipei in 2010.

While citing [ Rachel's ] and [ Hauschka ] as influences, Cicada interwove the subtle sensitivity and delicacy to the composition. Its mixture of contemporary classical music and vague oriental feel is fresh sonic experience to listeners. As a sequel of the EP, the release Pieces adds tracks with warmth and clarity to tell a story about one's introspection and the growth of the mindset

Cicada is also known for its connection with artists in various areas. Each release features stunning cover art by rising female artists in Taiwan. The upcoming performance in Oct 011 will be a blend of music, dance and theater. This highly anticipated performance will be an striking collaboration of Taiwanese young/cutting edge artists.

Band Members Of [ Cicada ] are:

林宛縈 Wan-ing │ 大提琴 Cello 張靖英 Anne │ 小提琴 Violin 江睿哲 Bambi │ 木吉他 Guitar 江致潔 Jesy │ 作曲 & 鋼琴 Piano

Cicada is most definitely one of the best neo-classical / mod-classical sound I've heard since [ Circadian Eyes ] and [ Chazz Knapp ]. EXCELLENT SOUND that no-one should miss at any cost. Especially [ [ Ólafur Arnalds ] ~ [ Jóhann Jóhannsson ] and the likes fans who will most certainly find a great deal of pleasure here. People are aware of cicada's existence by their sound but not their forms.

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Artist - Cicada Album - Let's Go [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Neo/Mod-classical, Post-rock, Experimental [ BY ALL MEANS... ] Tracklist 01. Cicada - 下雨了 02. Cicada - 怎麼辦 03. Cicada - 就跟你說吧 04. Cicada - 小水窪 05. Cicada - 蹦蹦 06. Cicada - 要去哪 07. Cicada - 天橋下有一張床 08. Cicada - 撿到五分鐘 09. Cicada - 我們到了 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cicada - Let's Go -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Cicada Album - Pieces [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Neo/Mod-classical, Post-rock, Experimental [ BY ALL MEANS... ] Tracklist 01. 起之後 Happily Ever After 02. 陽光下 你燦爛地笑 Sunshine Smile 03. 散落的時光 Pieces 04. 失溫 Fading Affection 05. 你再也讀不出我任何慾望 Encrypted Desire 06. 能說的不多了 No Words 07. 晨霧 Drowning in the Fog of Yours 08. 掙脫 Breakaway 09. 湖面的盡頭 Lake’s End -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cicada - Pieces -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Cicada Album - Over The Sea Under The Water [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2010 Genre - Neo-classical, Mod-classical, Post-rock, Piano [ EXCELLENT SOUND ] Tracklist 01 浮游在海上的島嶼 潛沉於水下的人們 Over the Sea Under the Water 02 用羽毛織出一條淡藍色的小徑 Fly 03 竹圍小貓 The Stray Cat in Zhuwei 04 以一種假裝放蕩的矜持 與你告別 Farewell (in a pretentious way) 05 告別 再見 ... till the day we meet 06 最後 仍在一起 Finally... we're still together -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cicada - Over the Sea Under the Water -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Yann Tiersen | Gabriel Fauré | Ben Woods | Andrei Machado | Bosques de mi Mente -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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