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2013-04-14 11:24:24 UTC
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[ FROM THE BAND ]. Hello everyone, I would like to show you my new album “Pereehali”. This is my third album, it was written and recorded in the summer of 2012. After a long writer’s block that was caused by a very pretentious and bombastic second album I decided to make a really intimate, solo-piano work. I lived in the countryside during the recording sessions, and every recording was done by me tête-à-tête with my lovely piano in the wooden house. It was a priceless experience working and writing while having a close contact with nature, it helped me a lot to understand the music I compose, to make it more organic, touching and moving.

[ PEREEHALI ]. This incredible full-length, “Pereehali”, finds Dmitry undertaking the duty of a one-man ensemble, oscillating a collection of understated piano keys enjoyment channelling and harnessing an incredibly intimate classical quality. Dmitry’s music taps into the neo-classicisms of [ Rafael Anton Irrisari ] or [ Hildur Gudnadottir ], with gentle conformity and arranged piano figures with minimal touch that leads the way.

As soon as the album kicks in… an over-emotional affinity grasp on solid romanticism takes hold of the entire atmospheres. Each movement tend to very comfortably set the tone for the next track. In the end “Peerahali” is the result that has drenched out every drop of emotion from Dimitry’s classical mindset. “Pereehali” outcome gather’s a tight infinitesimal formation where listeners are drawn into a world of sweeping beauties, dense emotions and spiritual undertones.

Fans of [ Clem Leek ], [ Rudi Arapahoe ], [ Ben Woods ] or the aforementioned [ Hildur Guđnadottir's ] will cozily fall in love at ease and at the very first listen without having to take a huge dive for it. Needless to say Dimitry’s also manages to carve out his very own niche within the current accumulation of modern classical musicians. With delicate minimal melodies that disintegrate in the air and elegant sound formations that predominately lead to wonderful dream-like emotional sequences, you’d soon encounter vast classical clouds alive with found sounds and sonic details.

Dmitry’s compositions on [ Pereehali ] or shall I say Dmitry’s compositions in general equals to an uplifting mod-classical atmospheres, darkescape / pianoscape with a golden touch of melodic droplets, radiating impression all the way which turn the sound to a multi-faceted appearance and crystalline tunes with a touch of romanticism feel that is truly heart-breaking, poignarding and moving. SUPERB ALBUM all the way.

Dmitry Evgrafov - Pereehali Artist - Dmitry Evgrafov Album - Pereehali Release Date - 2013 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Mod-classical, Classic [ EXQUISITE ] Tracklist 1. Flutter 02:13 2. Flow 03:42 3. Apple Sunset 03:07 4. Subtle Moves 03:46 5. Inevitable Things 04:30 6. Anthem 03:03 7. Coming Home 06:33 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Evgrafov - Pereehali -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[ BIOGRAPHY ]. Dmitry Evfgrafov is a Russian composer that, to say the least, is just like us young musicians, except that he possesses a truly prodigious gift: to be able to compose minimal works featuring piano and violin, and that though there is limit in instrumentation, there is no limit in the powerful emotions that Dmitry is able to put into his work. The most amazing thing about all of this is that Dmitry composed his 1st album when he was 17 years of age only and yet, he has achieved what most could only imagine achieving  to have his music released to the world, for all to hear. With that, I feel very proud to be reviewing the precursor EP to his upcoming debut LP: Lying On Your Shoulder.

“Lying On Your Shoulder” is a 5-track EP of, as said, minimal compositions featuring piano and violin. However, I make no understatements when describing the sound of these compositions. This is modern classical music at its best, and at first listen, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this was made by a 17-year old, with only 3 years of compositional experience. The sounds on this EP are high-class classical music that sounds as though it would have been composed by a 30 or 40 year-old composer who has gone to a music college, received a diploma, and had been writing for years on end. Therefore, all of these minimally simple yet emotionally complex compositions coming from a 17-year old? Yes, it’s incredible.

“While The Glacier Was Melting” is the first track, starting with very soft, minimal chords that slowly build into more complex progressions, until it reaches an emotional climax with violins, and then breaks down to a soft ending. The sounds are as melancholic as they can get. But obviously, we’ve only finished one track of this EP, and it doesn’t stop there.

“Peals of Thunder” is a rather sad composition featuring very beautiful harmonies between the piano and two or three violins. At times, it reminds me of great classical ballads, while at other times sounding quite influenced from perhaps majestic trance progressions (particularly BT’s “Flaming June”) and indie/post-rock compositions. I could be dead wrong with what I think the influences are, but nevertheless, you can somehow hear them in the music.

“Filled Your Heart, Stirred Your Mind” continues with the sadness of the last track, except that it takes a stunning twist, having influence from perhaps a classical Russian dance or lullaby. It’s as though the sounds of Tetris are realized in piano form, but are much more complex and more thoroughly written than the famous Tetris theme.

“I’m Lying On Your Shoulder” is a slower but much happier composition, and yes, though the title suggests it, I feel quite a bit of romance going on in the piece. The sounds are quite heartwarming and could easily have come straight out of a romance film. I especially love the plucked strings that happen near the middle of the composition. I love the sounds of plucked strings as compared to the usual bowed strings (maybe Penderecki’s “Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima”, as disturbing as that piece of 20th century classical music is, is the reason for it?).

Finally, the EP closes out with a bittersweet composition entitled “My Dear Melonie”, featuring a huge, emotionally breaktaking layering of piano and violin quartet at its climax. It sounds like a love song, having perhaps an influence of pop music at the beginning, but assuredly, as the composition continues on, the further it strays from your typical pop and classical music. Then, suddenly, the composition ends, and so ends this EP.

Obviously, I have not heard much classical music in my lifetime so far. Sure, I’ve heard albums from SOTL and EPs from Good Weather For An Airstrike that have the classical influence there, as well as I’ve heard the modern classical sounds of Penderecki, Bartok, Ligeti, and the podcasts that frequently come out from Headphone Commute, but I have never heard classical music become as emotional and as minimal as this EP. “Lying On Your Shoulder” is one of the most promising classical debuts of the year, and certainly my favorite “pure” classical EP at the moment.

Is it because it is written by a composer only one year older than me, and yet has a lot of talent that is truly prodigious? Is it because it is unlike classical music I’ve heard in the past? It is all of these and more. What I am sure of is this: Dmitry Evgrafov has a promising future ahead of him. In fact, if I would ever make a film that would need minimal, emotional classical music like this, I would definitely contact him. Highly recommended listening. [ 10 out of 10 stars ].

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Artist - Dmitry Evgrafov Album - Preliminary Script Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Piano Driven, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 1. A Funereal Vision, Sudden Gloom Or Something 01:20 2. Storms In Helsinki 03:54 3. Together In The Morning 01:32 4. Together Out Of Town 01:53 5. Here, Listen... (Leitmotif) 01:13 6. Vanity Fair 03:20 7. Levitan 03:35 8. We Can't Fy 02:58 9. Closing Credits 02:57 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Evgrafov - Preliminary Script -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Dmitry Evgrafov Album - Lying on Your Shoulder [ Special Edition ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Piano Driven [ WARM and SAD sound ] Tracklist 01 - While The Glacier Was Melting 02 - Peals of Thunder 03 - Filled Your Heart, Stirred Your Mind 04 - I'm Lying on Your Shoulder 05 - My Dear Melonie 06 - Story of a Man 07 - Shapes of Dying Stars 08 - Viscous -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Evgrafov - Lying on Your Shoulder [ Special Edition ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Dmitry Evgrafov Album - Lying on Your Shoulder [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Contemporary-classic, Piano Driven [ WARM and SAD sound ] Tracklist 01 - While The Glacier Was Melting 02 - Peals of Thunder 03 - Filled Your Heart, Stirred Your Mind 04 - I'm Lying on Your Shoulder 05 - My Dear Melonie -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Evgrafov - Lying on Your Shoulder [ EP] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Lidovico Einaudi | Philip Glass | Kevin Keller | Danny Nobury | Sunwrae -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dmitry Evgrafov Page Footer Image --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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