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* * * * * Fatal Nostalgia – Fatal Nostalgia * * * * *

Fatal Nostalgia represents an overarching theme of nostalgia, but not just in one form. The meaning of the word carries too much with it for just a black and white analysis, and even more so for just an individual meaning. In other words, nostalgia is explored from the perspective of not just melancholy and sadness but also from joyousness, youthfulness, innocence, hatred, and everything in between. Even from the perspective of other inspirations such as the myth of Icarus for example. Fatal Nostalgia also places an emphasis on dreams, fantasy, and concepts such as glory, coming of age and most especially, nature. Nature plays a huge influence on the music, and while it may not be super reflective on the debut, it will be incorporated into future releases.

But ultimately, despite the potentially weary project name of Fatal Nostalgia, people should not assume the music is meant to be solely reflective of depression. It’s more about general introspection. The fact of the matter is that nostalgia can be viewed in numerous ways. It can be as simple as hearing a song that takes you to a better time, as lighthearted as discussing past events with friends on a cool summer night, as complex as longing for historical days with different values, or as bittersweet as realizing that nothing will ever be the same as before. And for that reason, it’s practically fatal to try and pin one connotation on the very word itself, which is why nostalgia should be embraced from numerous angles.

Released 14 August 2012
Logo by [ Jeremiah Dube ].

The debut full length from Fatal Nostalgia. Offering a mix of delicate and ethereal ambiance, swirling post-rock, melancholic metal passages, and hints of modern classical, the album explores various emotional themes and the blend of the various genres is done absolutely well done. SUPERB RELEASE here guys. GO GET IT. Usually I would say “dark-ambient” but in this case I’d “black-ambient” all the way and believe there is a difference.

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Artist – Fatal Nostalgia
Album – Fatal Nostalgia [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Classical-ambient, Ethereal, Blackgaze, Instrumental, Black-ambient [ LOVE IT ]


1. Hero of Twilight 10:35
2. Icarus Soaring Above the Clouds 10:28
3. Hypnagogia 10:03
4. Fatal Nostalgia 06:01
5. Wistful Dusk 13:52
Fatal Nostalgia – Fatal Nostalgia

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