* * * * * Port Du Havre - El Tratado De Las Bestias * * * * *

2012-08-15 14:06:56 UTC

[ Port Du Havre ] is a trio from Madrid Playing Instrumental Post-rock a la [ June Of 44 ] and [ Slint ] since 2011. “El Tratado De Las Bestias” is [ Port Du Havre ] most experimental effort to date bringing together fractured melodies and solid rhythms colliding in a noisy atmosphere rich in detail, adorned with drums beating, severe phasing effects, and above all... impressive, very impressive guitars work.

With this debut album [ Port Du Havre ] has most certainly established themselves as a top-notch experimental post-rock noise with an angular riffs, extreme dynamic range, and shifting meters of [ June Of 44 ], offering six tracks and a nearly half an hour of solid repetitive sound with muscular tunes. This one will be more appreciated by fans of [ Shellac ] ~ [ June Of 44 ] ~ [ Slint ] ~ [ Rodan ] ~ [ Unwound ] ~ [ The For Carnation ] and the likes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not an album I’ll choose to miss out on guys. Hit play and make sure the volume is set on loud. We got some excellent tunes here. As songs previews on an album I Usually choose the best two or three tracks and embed it on the post. On this one, I've heard the entire album three times already and I still cannot establish the three best pieces as the whole album is brilliantly well done. So I'm going to grab three random movements but BY ALL MEANS give this album a thorough listen all the way guys.

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Artist - Port Du Havre Album - El Tratado De Las Bestias [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock Influence [ ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE ] Tracklist 1. Último brazo 05:19 2. Enorme tren vacío 04:05 3. Bombardier 03:33 4. Hay que echarlos al mar 05:22 5. ... 01:53 6. Estúpida fuerza sin pupilas 05:55 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Port Du Havre - El Tratado De Las Bestias -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bell Orchestra | The Flowers Of Hell | Esmerine | Mary In June | I am You We Are -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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