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2012-08-21 13:18:16 UTC

"dedleaves We are a four piece instrumental rock band from the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. We like to play loud. Our ball crushin' fury is brought to you by animal crackers. This is our first LP. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered in a month time. We hope you enjoy."

Credits / Releases 20th August 2012

Michael Gugliotti - guitar Greg Lewis - guitar Adam Segal - bass Shane Stanton - drums, percussion

All songs written and recorded by dedleaves. Produced by [ Shane Stanton ].


More of a math-rock / Shellac grip on this one. [ Dedleaves ] covers a variety of sounds and emotions within their music that speak to all of us. Main influences rise from the likes of [ Circa Survive ] ~ [ The Mars Volta ] ~ [ Brand New ] ~ [ Explosions In the Sky ] and [ Russian Circles ]. This self-title is predominantly guitar-based and rhythmically complex in style. Overall structure include irregular riffs and the art of combining melodies, some odd time signatures, angular tunes and an extension of dissonant chords. IMPRESSIVE.

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Artist - Dedleaves Album - Dedleaves Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Math-rock, Post-rock [ VERY NICE ] Tracklist 01. God? 01:57 02. Something Other Than Dying 04:53 03. Half Graveyards 02:49 04. Evergreen Trail 05:11 05. I Second That Notion 02:01 06. No Time For Elevators 05:16 07. Vertabrane 04:27 08. Dead Leaves 04:52 09. End Of A Lasting Impression 05:20 10. Things Fall Apart 03:31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedleaves - Dedleaves -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Shellac | Dysrhythmia | Rinoa | I Adapt | Ventid -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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