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2012-08-22 12:33:02 UTC

The Oceanic Tomes is the latest release from Minneapolis studio project, A Place of Owls. Drawing influence from artists like Brian Eno and more ambient elements of bands like Rosetta, The Oceanic Tomes is a soundscape album inspired by the world wide myths and legends that tell of great cities disappearing into the sea.

These myths seem to find a hint of credibility on the ocean's floor where hundreds of ancient monuments and ruins can be found at rest. Some of them have been there so long they oppose the conventional historical timeline. As well as raise questions about what our origins really are.

"The Tomes" are written to reflect, not only the the eerie depths where the these lost cities sleep, but the wonderment of the knowledge that there is more then what we know. So please, break out your best set of headphones and immerse yourself in The Oceanic Tomes.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And if you think the good one's stop right by [ Portfolio's ] entry, well think again we've got a series of excellent musics queued up for you this afternoon. From the smooth listen of [ Bambino's ] to a mish-mash of all genres from [ Portfolio's ] comes [ A Place Of Owls ].

The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk)

Credits / Released 21 August 2012

Written and recorded by [ A Place of Owls ] and [ Blake Tanberk ] Mixed by [ Ezra Hinton ] of "DroneBuilder Recording" Lastly Mastered by [ Steve Henningsgard ] of "SignatureTone Studios"

You can bet your last penny you up against an exquisite slow-ambient trip here. Album design by [ Dan Ferro ] Drum performance on "Ys" by [ Byron Johnson-Blanchard ]. All I got to say is keep staring at the The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk) artwork, grasp the feeling of the artwork and it's exactly what you'll experience on the listen. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL. Let's put it this way... I REALLY despise the expression OMG but listening to "The Oceanic Tomes" makes me feel like OMG. Straight 5 out of 5., Do get all releases on this one. I got a strong feeling the BandCamp download limitation will be exhausted in no time, so hurry up while still can. NOTE: The two 2010 releaes differs quite a bit from the latest but still TOP NOTCH. Next Up is [ Elija Tebbetts ].

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Artist - A Place Of Owls Album - The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk) [ * * * * * ] X 10 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Soundscape, Slow-ambient, Post-rock [ EXQUISITE ] Tracklist 1. Atlantis 07:12 2. Vineta 09:33 3. Yonaguni 09:16 4. Dwarka 10:52 5. Ys 10:41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Place Of Owls - The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Place Of Owls - The Oceanic Tomes (ft. Blake Tanberk) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - A Place Of Owls Album - Inverie [ * * * * * ] X 5 Release Date - 2010 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Soundscape, Slow-ambient, Post-rock [ EXQUISITE ] Tracklist 1. An Empty Rookery 04:25 2. The Tesseract 02:22 3. As We Commit Our Dead 05:31 4. Inviere (The Song Of The Phoenix) 04:05 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - A Place Of Owls Album - The Gift Of Prometheus Release Date - 2010 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock, Post-metal Tracklist 1. Still 03:09 2. Bitterness (Demo) 04:20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Place Of Owls - The Gift Of Prometheus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Erik K. Skodvin | Koen Park | Pawn | Dth | Ous Mal -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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