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2012-08-22 13:31:58 UTC

The Files & Fires is a post-rock/ambient instrumental group originally from Connecticut. There's is a sound noted by drastic changes in dynamic and textural elements. Since 2006, there have been two formal releases by this group: the "Like Ivy..." EP, and the second, nearly full-length, "For People Talk Lightly...". The group has been well received, and well reviewed, by popular sites such as Stereoboard and Absolute Punk.

At present, the founding members are separated by nearly 400 miles, as keyboardist Tyler J. Smith is residing in Buffalo, NY pursuing graduate degrees in music theory. The remaining members of the band are in the greater New York City area, and continue to write and play music in other side projects. The distance, however, has not managed to put a cog in the creative wheel, as the group intends to have a new record written, recorded, and released by winter 2012.

[ Like Ivy EP ] ~ Yet... another new name / discovery that goes for fans of [ Hammock ] ~ [ Arms and Sleepers ] ~ [ The Echelon Effect ] ~ [ Amman / Josh ] ~ [ The Explosions In The Sky ] and the likes. Beautifully Well Done though. CHECK IT OUT. BOTH titles are available on [ Name Your Price ] are both equally and incredibly good.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- < < < < < [ 2012 New Album [ Fund Raising Campaign ] Update ].> > > > >

Now the group has decided it is time for another release, the funding of which is almost entirely in your hands! The Files & Fires does not take lightly the creation of their art. And they hope the end result is a work to transport the listener; to give you something to remember; something to feel. With the help of your pledges, and additional funding from the members themselves, the group hopes to record, mix, master and release their new album by the winter of 2012.

The rewards list will display precisely what your pledges will earn you, and each contribution, however small or large, is a worthy of the most sincere thanks. This is a group that has existed solely on the support of its dedicated listeners, and has continued to write and record music in an effort to provide these listeners a bit of levity in an otherwise heavy world. Best wishes and infinite thanks, __[ The Files & Fires ].

NOTE: The album artwork, album name and track list hasn't been made public yet but we'll soon have an update on those crucial info's. In the meantime I have emphasis that this album will only come to life with your pledges. I am sure MOST of us already knows [ The Files & Fires ] and can indeed expect something really special from the band. Also to be noted... the various perks allocated to specific pledges are TOTALLY AWESOME. By all means check it out and together we can make this happen. __[ ZAD ].

< < < [ [ BandCamp ][ Fund Raising Campaign For Up-coming Release ][ Last.Fm ]  | [ FaceBook ] ]. > > > --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Artist - The Files & Fires Album - (To-be-named) [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 [ This Winter ] Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Post-rock, Experimental Tracklist 01 - TBA 02 - TBA 03 - TBA 03 - TBA 03 - TBA 03 - TBA 03 - TBA 03 - TBA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fund Raising Campaign The Files & Fires - (To-be-named) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Files & Fires Album - For People Talk Lightly Release Date - 2011 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Soundscape, Experimental, Ambientscape [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 01. The Files & Fires - Berliner 02. The Files & Fires - The Iron Pillars 03. The Files & Fires - Let Us Unfold Our Veils In The Wind 04. The Files & Fires - A Miracle Saved Us 05. The Files & Fires - The Sea Was Left Behind 06. The Files & Fires - And The Day Goes By, But Time Stands Still -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Files & Fires - For People Talk Lightly -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Files & Fires Album - Like Ivy [ EP ] [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2011 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Soundscape, Experimental, Ambientscape [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1. The Files and Fires - Impossibly Small 04:26 2. The Files and Fires - Limits 06:04 3. The Files and Fires - Red and White 03:50 4. The Files and Fires - Broken Lights 10:08 5. The Files and Fires - Willing Yourself Invisible 02:07 6. The Files and Fires - Beyond the Blue 06:18 7. the Files and Fires - Like Ivy 03:35 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Files & Fires - Like Ivy [ EP ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: The Eternal Twilight | Startel To Heavens | Rhian Sheehan | EUS | Kontakte -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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