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2014-04-21 10:00:56 UTC
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[ "Brandon Luedtke" Self-Title EP Press Relaese ]

Roots, as burrowed organs and as music, occupy a complex place in the systems of life they sustain. They take in the foundations laid before, buried nutrients and barely remembered hymnals respectively; feeding the life that lies on the surface above, they act as conduit between forgotten and praised, breathing and exhumed. So it is with this self-titled EP, that the bones of century-old roots music are breathed life through a new voice, by a new guitar; learned and forged through different experiences and ideas. Featuring three original compositions and two standards arranged by Brandon, those roots are traced from their aged tips to their new blossoms; losing none of the poignancy, warmth and rusticity of the forebears in their culling, imbibing the recordings with the feeling of being distinctly of their own time while retaining the authenticity of their past. Melodies from the old guard sung from cords and perspectives of the new.

The galloping "Molly & Tenbrooks", a 19th-century bluegrass song chronicling the revelry of the eponymous horseracing showdown, sets the pace, giving way to fellow traditional "Lonesome Valley"; opposite the trio of originals - the open-eyed, uptempo "Well, Nevermind", foreboding "Low Lying Hills" and "Harold D's Song", a rousing recounting of the preachings of an equal parts sermonizing and sin-confessing drifter. Completed just prior to the recording of his first full-length in Austin at the tail end of 2013, the five tracks on this EP, Brandon Luedtke's first release, stand on their own as an introduction to his craft and as a stonesetting of these songs, as they were incarnated at this time and this place; that their roots may one day be traced and renewed.

[ "Shrines" Press Release ]

Shrines is the type of music people will tend to wrack their brains over - that is, complex, yet vague. In its world are beats that stay steady and some that skitter off course at will, always propelling themselves through the layered and often swirling soundscapes that surround them. A wealth of organic and acoustic motifs merge with aureate synths, glitched fills and smokey-room jazz chill. A neon forest or a wooded nightclub. There's a sense of pristine spaciousness within this album, facets of its being gliding about the frameworks of the tracks, coming to the forefront at times and simply melting into the atmospherics at others, seeming to occupy a three-dimensional space with the other elements of the production. It is very much an architecture.

The architect of this particular structure is Jordan Thomas, Exquisite Ghost. It was constructed over the course of 2012 from his home in Winnipeg. His first released album, Shrines is a celebration of music and an exploration of what it means, in all its incarnations, to all people. To exhibit the universal connection within music, to show that there are Shrines within every melody, every rhythm, worthy of praise.

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Brandon Luedtke - Brandon Luedtke Artist - Brandon Luedtke Album - Brandon Luedtke Release Date - 2014 Genre - Folk, Alternative-folk, Country-folk, Contemporary-folk Tracklist 1. Molly & Tenbrooks 03:05 2. Lonesome Valley 03:52 3. Low Lying Hills 02:52 4. Well, Nevermind 02:18 5. Harold D's Song 03:08 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VINYL / CD / DIGITAL Brandon Luedtke - Brandon Luedtke EP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exquisite Ghost - Shrines Artist - Exquisite Ghost Album - Shrines [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Electro, Instrumental, Abstract-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 01. Dawn 02:57 02. Evening 02:46 03. True 03:30 04. Heartworks (tek) 03:05 05. Finale 03:47 06. Lovesynth 04:51 07. Yacht Donuts 05:09 08. Ground 03:33 09. Loom 03:07 10. Euphony 01:14 11. Glisten 01:53 12. Spin 03:54 13. Wavestheory 03:45 14. For Reals 01:50 15. Awake 03:27 16. Chords of Mind 03:09 17. Clay 00:48 18. Air 04:08 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Exquisite Ghost - Shrines -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salient --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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