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2012-08-30 13:43:22 UTC

Even if it wasn’t for the song titles you’d still be able to tell this record was Finnish. Like all that country’s finest musical exports, be they Hannu or Paavoharju, Ous Mal’s recordings carry a certain grainy lo-fi charm, sounding like some gnarled old 78 you might find in an enchanted attic.

Vinyl crackle, weird old field recordings and weathered instrumental sequences all come together to make beautiful collages on tracks like ‘Meidän Piha’, which comes laced with faded string samples, glockenspiel melodies, wispy voices and the tolling of bells from a distant church. The glistening ambience of ‘Tähdet’ persists with the magic-realist sense of wonderment, sounding a bit like a haunted version of The Avalanches as it makes way for the equally ethereal strains of ‘Tumma’.

By the time you arrive at closing track ‘Ukkonen’ ( whose curious sonic profile seems to shift from a spectral sea chantey into a demonic ice cream van ) you’ll be totally hooked on this record’s creaky, tuneful and endearingly decrepit constitution. Highly enjoyable Scandinavian lo-fi melodicism from the ascendant Under The Spire imprint.

While you probably aiming for the latest release [ which you should ] by the way, however I'd still strongly recommend starting with " Viime Talvi ". It's much easier to access, slightly glitch(ier) and definitely more subtle. " Viime Talvi " is an EXCELLENT listen from start to finish. By all means start with this one.

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A split cassette of endless beauty as channelled through young Finnish / Russian sound artists. Ous Mal is Olli from Oulu, now living in Helsinki. If you have slept on his early CDrs and the Preservation full-length - do your ears a favour and find this music asap. Ous Mal’s approach is very rich and his melodies and compositions are heartbreakingly sweet. Sampled thrift vinyls and tapes, keys and strings and chanting build up into impressive ambient folk collage.

On the B side there is some raw and crispy synth magic from Koltushi village, near Saint Petersburg. Sergei’s sound is direct and his tracks are melancholic yet hopeful. Quiet field recordings meet nostalgic electropiano looping and occasional blasting FX attack. This record has been in heavy rotation since the very day we received the masters and we don’t seem to grow tired of it. So rad! Spray-painted cassettes, “sand” J-cards. Edition of 100.” Full of Nothing 2011

Recorded in Koltushi August - October 2010 Mastered by M. Geddes Gengras and Sergey Suokas [ Full of Nothing-fon21-cs ] | | | [ fono.tihiiomut.ru ].

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Artist - Ous Mal / Bedroom Bear Album - Split [ * * * * * ] X 10 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Post-rock [ SUPERB SUPERB SOUND ] Tracklist 1. sun glyph 04:52 2. down the curly sea 12:26 3. crystal gaze 10:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ous Mal / Bedroom Bear - Split -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Ous Mal Album - Riioraa Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Post-rock [ SUPERB SUPERB SOUND ] Tracklist 1 Avara 5:57 2 Lintuparvi 4:44 3 Ensilumi 4:05 4 Merilaulu 5:07 5 Ikkuna 4:33 6 Tähti 7:40 7 Rannalla 3:53 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ous Mal - Riioraa -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Ous Mal Album - Viime Talvi [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2009 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Post-rock [ SUPERB SUPERB SOUND ] Tracklist 01 - Kanas 02 - Piha 03 - Tahdet 04 - Tumma 05 - Oksat 06 - Ukkonen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ous Mal - Viime Talvi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Ous Mal Album - Nuojuva Halava Release Date - 2010 Genre - Instrumental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Post-rock [ GOOD ] Tracklist 01. Marraskuu 02. Parveke 03. Tuulensoja 04. Viima 05. Vaskiset Kielet 06. Kumiseva 07. Kotiin 08. Merilaulu 09. Ystava 10. Talviaamu 11. Aamubussi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ous Mal - Nuojuva Halava DL LINK ON THIS ONE REMOVED... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Ent | Deaf Center | Balmorhea | Stafrænn Hákon | Nest -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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