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2012-08-31 22:05:43 UTC

Seeds in Helmet first turned up as a trio under the name Woabbit back in 2003 as winners of Ultrasound Festival’s „What is Music?” contest in Hungary. After two years of activity the band, which made a name for themselves with their brooding and unsettling performances, disappeared. Audiences to these rare yet memorable shows could witness the group performing an ode to loss and longing, fragility and resilience.

Fast forward to 2011, the band, now called Seeds in Helmet, re-emerged as a duo with their first official release, aptly titled Emptying Models. The EP simultaneously marked the end of a phase in their career and the beginning of a new one.

In early 2012 Emptying Models was followed by Seeds in Helmet’s first album proper, Lovebox. Whereas three out of the EP's four tracks were instrumental, vocals play central role on the album. Cracks, clicks, pops, quasi-melodies and extremely sparse beats form a bleak, vast space for vocals, in which they sound somewhat sacred and ultimately abandoned.

Being a concept album, Lovebox is not so much about individual songs as about texture, atmosphere and narrative stretching over the whole course of the record. Though the Japanese lyrics are likely to remain undecipherable to many listeners, it’s difficult not getting emotionally involved with the music, due to the delicately balanced contrast between the alienated soundscapes, fragile voices and airy melodies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brooding sound it is, Fragile... no doubt about that, Cracks, clicks, pops and quasi-melodies... well said and I totaly love it. It took me a while to get into this one but on the 2nd / 3rd listen the sound gets more and more ecstatic and the flow seems much easier. This is not a post I'd choose to miss out on, especially based on the quoted tags. And if you think those praises only apply to [ LoveBox ] well wait till you hear [ Emptying Models ] then. NOTE: This is music that requires your full and undivided attention in order to enjoy. EXCELLENT SOUND ALL THE WAY THOUGH.

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Artist - Seeds In Helmet Album - LoveBox [ * * * * * ] X 10 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Abstract-noise, Glitch, Minimal-noise, Obscure-noise, Experimental, Dark-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1. Ryokou 05:46 2. Adac 02:59 3. Méreg 04:14 4. Karma 04:28 5. Kiserlet 05:26 6. MyDinamo 06:15 7. East 03:52 8. Only5km 05:06 9. Tilt 06:26 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeds In Helmet - LoveBox -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Seeds In Helmet Album - Emptying Models [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Abstract-noise, Glitch, Minimal-noise, Obscure-noise, Experimental, Dark-ambient [ AWESOME ] Tracklist 1. Ryokou 06:42 2. Adac 02:14 3. Méreg 03:53 4. Untitled 01:14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeds In Helmet - Emptying Models -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Nest | Erik K. Skodvin | Sylvain Chauveau | Svarte Greiner | Aaron Spectre -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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