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2013-08-20 11:20:55 UTC

The Star Pillow is a project grown from an idea by Paolo Monti (already guitar and vocal of PN S band) in December 2007. The first album, self-released in 2009, “Christmas Sessions”, was an attempt to record a sensation, the spirit of Christmas, in six tracks, one for each night from 22nd to 27th December. In December 2011 come out the second work self-released, "Non t’illudere". In this album there is no concept idea in the end; everything is based on the use of loops, built, destroyed or recycled, but there is no trace of “real” instruments.

After the interest raised by two temporary live sets - one as opening act for the Fuzz Orchestra, an important Italian alt-rock band – Paolo and his new band mate, the piano player Federico Gerini, began to work together on some small composition sketches in 2011, expanding them up to make that idea as “visual” as possible; each of them have its own private story to tell. The final result is a seventy minutes album, their third one, released in June 2012, and called “Fattore Ambientale”, enthusiastically received by critics.


PAOLO MONTI | guitars & effects FEDERICO GERINI | acoustic up-right piano BRUNO ROMANI| alto sax, flute, ethnic flute

[ The Beautiful Questions ].

To float in the mind of a dream, on the thin line that separates the rational from the unconscious, lost in a sound, taste it, understand it and do it right, in a stream of musical consciousness dictated by a need almost therapeutic: these are the guidelines work of the new Star Pillow, which shifts the horizon of their experimentation one step further, once again on the prestigious catalog of Setola di Maiale, italian cult label for experimentation and improvisation. The time dilate, the instinct is left free to roam, to follow unusual routes, to get lost in the sound and in the time of a note or a noise, and then become dissonance and disturb the quiet calm created. We perceive the work of the musician, the careful work of selection and interaction between the two souls of the project, the tacit understanding and a common intention to move out of areas which are not discounted to ask one another, and each to himself , questions that have not, do not want answers, so as to maintain their radiant beauty. You must be able to find your way to lose, this is the only common thread with which to address the new work of the Star Pillow.

[ The Star Pillow meet Bruno Ramoni - Via Del Chiasso ].

After the critical success of their latest album "Fattore Ambientale" ( Taverna Records 2012 ) The Star Pillow make a step forward in exploring the mysterious world of sounds and impressions that is their music and they do it with the help of a special guest, Bruno Romani, on sax and flutes, a member of historic Italian underground alternative scene ( Detonation, Xabier Iriondo, Alice, No Guru, etc ) and perfectly at home in the depths of improvisation more radical. So then in "Via delChiasso" electronics allows for interaction among three sensitivity in listening that are launched without network paths mold free-jazz improvisation, where the instruments chasing each other with quick appearance and then engage in dialogue with each other in continuous evolution. The music is tinged with expectation, of mystery, like a story without words. The common thread is ideas, fleeting and constantly changing, used as a map of a surreal journey and charming. Stefano Giust, a key figure in the Italian experimental and improvised music, has shown great interest in this album wanting strongly in the catalog of his label Setola di Maiale. This new production also marks the birth of "Insight Sessions", a new series of Taverna Records (label of the same Paolo Monti) dedicated to the production of more experimental and improvisational.

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The Star Pillow - the beautiful questions cover Artist - The Star Pillow Album - The Beautiful Questions Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Electro' Tracklist 1 – ON, IN...OUT 2 – THE ROOTS OF AMAZEMENT 3 – HAPPY TO BE DIRTY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Star Pillow - The Beautiful Questions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SM1070 Artist - The Star Pillow / Bruno Romani Album - Via Del Chiasso Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Electro' Tracklist 1 – TOMMY?! 2 – T-4-3 3 – POZZANGHERE 4 – 7 MODI DI ESSERE 4 5 – QUASI IMPERFETTO 6 – IN ROSSO -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Star Pillow / Bruno Romani - Via Del Chiasso -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - The Star Pillow Album - Fattore Ambientale Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, Post-rock, Electro [ EXCELLENT ] Tracklist 01 - LUSTVILLE 02 - NORTHERN LIGHTS 03 - MINDFULNESS 04 - ORWELL 05 - CHILDHOOD SECRETS 06 - FATTORE AMBIENTALE 07 - RAL 3031 08 - PROBLEM SOLVING 09 - TRAVELLING NOTES 10 - EPILOGUE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Star Pillow - Fattore Ambientale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: P Jørgensen | S.Sweeney | Sinke Dûs – Akrasia | Fabio Orsi | TSB -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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