2013-05-08 13:48:45 UTC

Holobeams and Broken Machines looks to create uplifting and beautiful electronic music. Influenced from bands like Boards of Canada, Washed Out, Orbital, M83. The sound has some synth nostalgia, retro vibe going on but more emphasis is on trying to create something new rather than rehashing the past.

SynthGlasgow.com ~ Released as a free download via Bandcamp, the five track, self-titled ‘Holobeams and Broken Machines EP’ is a stunning debut which creates an incredible atmosphere of soaring synths and epic soundscapes. Influences can be immediately cited amongst the Trip Hop heavyweights - opening track ‘Bocume’ could easily have featured on [ Massive Attack’s ] ‘Blue Lines’ or ‘Mezzanine’, but make no mistake, Iain Foxwell’s work is completely unique. With delicate intricacy, each track forms a standalone identity which is but a small part of the bigger picture. Listen to the EP as a whole and you’ll soon find that like a great piece of art, what you take from it depends on how deep you’re willing to look…

Bad-fotogoraphy.co.uk ~ Beautiful synthwork, full of warmth and moisture, textured sounds, and a floaty almost magical soundscape"

Localsuicide.com ~ Glasgow based producer Iain Foxwell is Holobeams & Broken Machines and is definitely worth your attention. A stunning debut, easy to listen to and completely trippy. Synth galaxy sounds, a warm feeling and beautiful melodies. If you like Boards of Canada, Washed Out and M83, you will certainly like this.

Phoenixandfireworks.com ~ I am instantly reminded of [ starscapes ] and [ galaxies ].

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An interesting, very interesting idm / electro-core project predominantly laid on a foundation of synth bringing together an atmosphere close to nothing but flawless waves and chill relaxing tunes. All [ Holobeams And The Broken Machine ] releases are relatively short, I mean we talking 15 to 25 minutes in duration which makes the listen even more intriguing and leave's you wanting for more. GO GET THEM ALL...

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Holobeams - Unreleased Artist - Holobeams Album - Unreleased [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Electro, IDM, Chill-wave, Synth-wave, Ambient [ GET ALL 3 TITLES ] Tracklist 1. Rose Tinted 02:46 2. Colour Motion 03:12 3. Fragmented Memories 01:18 4. Butterfly Effect 04:38 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holobeams - Unrealesed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Holobeams Album - Kodot [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Electro, IDM, Chill-wave, Synth-wave, Ambient [ GET ALL 3 TITLES ] Tracklist 1. Pitch 2. Sparklehorse 01:58 3. Dissolved 03:29 4. Moonlit Theta 01:22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holobeams - Kadot -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Holobeams Album - Clouds/Sunise [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Electro, IDM, Chill-wave, Synth-wave, Ambient [ GET ALL 3 TITLES ] Tracklist 1. Head In The Clouds 04:12 2. 85 Sunrise 03:31 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holobeams - Clouds/Sunise -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Burial | Shogun Kunitoki | Umberto | Encre | Sankt Otten -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holobeams --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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New album Land of Evergone by Ali Murray

Ali Murray is an ethereal folk songwriter/musician from the cold isle of Lewis in the north of Scotland. He writes dark atmospheric folk music with lush sweeping dreamy soundscapes and Celtic-twinged instrumentation. His new album LAND OF EVERGONE strikes a balance that is intimate and soaring, peaceful and haunting, sad and quietly joyful, delicately reverberating with Murray's dreamy voice and guitar playing.


Review for 52 by Orellana

Orellana is a neo-classical/post-rock collective hailing from Bristol, UK. Their new album “52”, released in late December, brought in the new year with it’s explosive and intricate sound. The project’s music transcends genre definitions in order to focus on a broad, diverse concept that is more emotional than tangible. This particular release is full of rich and diverse arrangements, but it is also a powerful exercise in minimalism, one that showcases the strength of very few notes placed in the right spots. The simplicity of the arrangement is actually one of the strongest aspects of this entire release: there’s a palpable stillness created by the long, drone notes in the background, which almost makes you feel like the world is happening in slow motion. When the chords and notes change, it feels quite monumental due to the beautiful contrast between the stillness of the background textures and the expressive sound of the guitar-based melodies.



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