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Lamp are a curious sort. Whilst having many of the musical characteristics that have come to permeate the Irish independent scene in recent years- angular guitars, irregular timings, progressive rock sensibilities and monster riffs- finding a neat definition or genre with which to categorise the band is a challenging prospect.

Initially a two-piece guitar/vocal and drums outfit, the band sought to offset the lack of a bass player and create as sonically dense an output as possible through the use of low tunings and sub-octave guitar pedals. The resultant effect has come to be LAMP’s almost signature sound.

Their first release, “Now That’s What I Call Manual Strangulation, a spilt EP with Cork grind-heroes I’ll Eat Your Face, is a blend of sludgy, swampy guitar lines, tight rhythms and clever melodic vocal hooks. LAMP later released their debut full length album “Sagittarius” (available as a free download at

Stylistically, the LP is a bit of a sonic cocktail, often seamlessly switching between genres, with elements of clean jazz-like progressions, big distorted riffs, alternative rock breakdowns, epic choruses and almost algebraic time-changes and polyrhythms throughout. The influences of The Mars Volta, Primus, King Crimson, Tom Waits, Tool, and many others can be heard, depending on who is listening.

Having recently added an additional guitarist, the band’s sound has naturally begun to take a different shape. However, more vocal harmonies and more guitar lines essentially means more LAMP. The now three-piece LAMP recorded their new EP earlier this year in Windmill Lane studios. “Trials Of Trails” will be released as a digital download on the 16th of September 2012.


[ Trials Of Trials ] ~ Being the latest release of [ LAMP ] is a hardcore blend of prog, progressive and math-rock tunes with lyrics. The sound tend to get a little complex and catchy at times especially with lyrics on such complexity but it’s all done beautifully and noise level is simply great. All releases by LAMP are available for FREE via SoundCloud and BandCamp. While LAMP is totally worth checking based on the quoted tags note that their sound also carries a slight vibe of grunge-core at times. It’s more of a mish-mash of everything.

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Artist – LAMP
Album – Trials of Trials
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Prog-rock, Progressive-rock, Math-rock, Alternative, Math-core, Noise [ GOOD NOISE ]


01 Trails and Adders 6.23
02 Blades and Ladders 4.15
03 365 Knuckles 5.33
04 Alter for Allen 8.35
Actually This One Is Set As Private Link For The Moment LAMP – Trials Of Trials

Artist – LAMP
Album – Sagittarius
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Prog-rock, Progressive-rock, Math-rock, Alternative [ GOOD NOISE ]


01. Equestrian Arrows 05:29
02. Hook In Mouth 01:42
03. The Mate 04:56
04. Memory Like A Fish 03:23
05. Brick Ticker 05:30
06. Taurus 01:42
07. Walking Forward Looking Back 03:49
08. Temet Nosce 06:14
09. Head Hurdle 05:14
10. Sagittarius 05:20
LAMP – Sagittarius


Artist – LAMP
Album – Now that’s what I call manual strangulation
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Prog-rock, Progressive-rock, Math-rock, Alternative [ GOOD NOISE ]


1. The Mate 05:14
2. Golden begging bowl 08:32
LAMP – Now that’s what I call manual strangulation

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