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Schemawound is the brain child of J. Siemasko and employs a variety of electronic genres. Ranging from ambient, glitch and IDM to noise and industrial, his works has broken the genre rules. They stand alone as being completely unique, impossible to categorize. This has given him the freedom to expand his sonic horizons with every new release. Being confined to the strict criteria of a specific can often be a creative hellhole where you end up creating the same songs over and over again. Schemawound’s newest release They Want to Make Your Body Move. I Want to Hold You Perfectly Still breaks free from the musical canon, fusing genres together while simultaneously inventing new definitions for what we perceive to be music.

Grains of synthesis sprinkle on the ceramic counter as a lightly jarring ambiance pulsates through a fuzzy television screen in a beige waiting room. Meticulous drones crawl across the hospital floor. A completely clean and sanitized noise slithers through the air vents, wafting into the nearby surgical suites. The room becomes a foggy chamber, encasing you in fragments of sound ricocheting back and forth. Subterranean vibrations and high-pitched chimes descend from above like a flying saucer coming to take away our dead. The whole experience plays trick with your mind as time, perception and intonation morph into something new and frightening.

The songs fluidly blend into each other, seamlessly bound together by an intricate stream of ligaments and tendons. You don’t know where to begin or end; you simply continue. Life goes on and as one thing ends you drift into the next one without even realizing. The concise rigidity to this album is due to the fact that it was composed entirely from code on a computer program. The technical aspects are awe-inspiring. Such fastidious generation takes hours of precise calculation and detailed analysis. The end result is an avantgarde robotic composition that is devoid of emotion.

There is very little human expression; it all sounds so cold. The bleak empty cavity is instead filled with a revealing creativity. Siemasko has shown us the computer’s soul without its heart. It’s a very stark display. The entire ensemble has a very otherworldly quality making it strange and intriguing. The computer, though artificially powered, is still a living being. It’s thoughts might be programmed but it still has spiritual vibrations. This is a glimpse at the capabilities of metaphysical computer music. Deeper exploration will reveal entire new dimensions of music and sound to our senses.

[ Body Movements ]. Schemawound returns to Waxen Wings with Body Movements, a collection of not mere remixes, but complete reinventions based on his most recent album They Want to Make Your Body Move. I Want to Hold You Perfectly Still. To start this project off, he offered both his original scripts written in Supercollider, as well as the raw audio from every track on the album and began an open call for submissions. What he received in return were some masterfully crafted mixes that treated the given materials more as source material than anything, many of them drawing from many, or even all of the tracks in some form or another to sculpt their works.

The end result is 80 minutes and 15 completely reimagined tracks by Lackthrow, Clayton Alpha, Katie Gately, The Icarus Descent, Bassling, Nicholas Starke and Andiluvian. This record walks directly outside the boundaries of the traditional remix album, then keeps on walking. It is a ‘pay what you want’ download (with zero being an acceptable price) available via [ ].

Now if you think you've heard it all when it comes to IDM / Glitch wait till you hear [ They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still ]. I got to warn you though, it's super dark, super glitch(y) and super weird but all in a GOOD way. BEST is to start from the latest release to the oldest. If IDM is your scene you'll definitely dig this project on the 1st listen itself but if you not in to the whole glitch / IDM tunes then it might take a couple of listens before you get in to it. THE SOUND IS ALL GOOD.

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Schemawound - @@Version Artist - Schemawound Album - @@Version Release Date - 2014 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 1. Exit Music (For A Solar System) 01:51 2. Give Up The Ghost 01:56 3. WYSINWYG 01:20 4. Make This Sound And She Will Love You Forever 02:02 5. We Can't Tell You That 05:21 6. A Landscape In Ruin 08:27 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - @@Version -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haiku 07 - Schemawound Artist - Schemawound Album - Haiku 07 Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 01 - Autumn moonlight 02 - A worm digs silently 03 - Into the chestnut -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DIRECT DOWNLOAD Schemawound - Haiku 07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Body Movements Artist - Schemawound Album - Body Movements Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 01. Nicholas Starke - The Same Color As Your Skin 0(Audiolet Remix) 04:31 02. Katie Gately - Hymncycle 07:33 03. Hymncycle (First Phase) 02:01 04. Lackthrow - Identity Operation 06:23 05. Lackthrow - A Bad Name For a Good Girl 04:34 06. The Icarus Descent - Perfect Still Body (Short Edit) 04:32 07. Lackthrow - Bluster Barrow Combod 09:13 08. Nicholas Starke - Sound Check (Audiolet Remix) 03:26 09. Lackthrow - The Disc (Schemawound Edit) 04:20 10. Andiluvian - Weather Sickness 06:55 11. Lackthrow - The Air Up There 01:39 12. Lackthrow - Indolence 06:38 13. Lackthrow - Dusking Schema (Schemawound Edit) 10:19 14. Clayton Alpha - Crawl Back 02:45 15. Bassling - Dawn Dub 05:21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Body Movements -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Trancount Artist - Schemawound Album - @​@​TRANCOUNT Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 1. Unloop Antidote 03:48 2. The World Won't End 03:00 3. Radio Silence 01:25 4. If You See Nothing, Say Nothing 01:56 5. The Illusion Of Protection 01:55 6. Telelgraph Incantation 02:05 7. Knife Technique (TID Remix) 04:20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - @​@​TRANCOUNT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Beast Artist - Schemawound Album - Beast Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 1. BEASTS(Homunculus-Basilisk) 14:24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Beast -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Schemawound Album - They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still. Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 01. Hello World, I Am Lonely Too 06:54 02. The Same Color As Your Skin (Extended) 03:26 03. The Crawl (Extended) 01:56 04. Hymncycle (Second Phase) 05:16 05. Dawn 05:22 06. Sound Check (Extended) 03:19 07. Fall Asleep Walking 05:26 08. Dusk 05:22 09. Any Moment 01:52 10. Please Hold (Extended) 05:23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - They Want To Make Your Body Move. I Want To Hold You Perfectly Still. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Schemawound Album - My Time As A Rat - Szczur Archive Release Date - 2011 Genre - Ambient, Dark-ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental Tracklist 01. F9 01:27 02. The Plane Crash 02:37 03. Sugar 06:34 04. @Now 05:01 05. The Prettiest Girl That Can't Breathe 02:48 06. Bring a Gun 04:15 07. Stem Cell Research (Return) 02:03 08. Omit (First Mix) 00:51 09. WEKNOWWHEREYOUAREENGLISHDOCTOR 05:17 10. Perscription06 (Someone Cut A Hole In The Ground Beneath Me) 06:56 11. After The Prom (The Outcome) 05:33 12. Eigenstate 1 02:32 13. Something Has To Change 00:44 14. The Man With The Gun Seems Like An Angel To Me 02:55 15. We Of The Ever Growing Teeth 02:47 16. Deus Ex Machina 00:46 17. The Skyline Has Changed 01:14 18. Scission - Stilllife (Yellowone mix by Schemawound) 07:44 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - My Time As A Rat - Szczur Archive -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Schemawound Album - Hospital Songs Release Date - 2010 Genre - Ambient, IDM, Electro, Glitch, Experimental, Industrial Tracklist 01. (missing information) 00:37 02. The Operating Theater 03:33 03. Point of Failure 01:28 04. Ethidium Bromide 02:24 05. Datapump 01:25 06. Broken Body Schema 03:15 07. Do None Harm 01:47 08. Number Form Synesthesia 03:44 09. Between Phase 00:37 10. Wet Hands 02:42 11. Self Encoding Sequence 00:50 12. Further Analysis Required 02:46 13. Knife Technique 03:11 14. Unexpected Results 01:05 15. EOF 05:28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schemawound - Hospital Songs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: ZXYZXY | Arms and Sleepers | Saltillo | Underlapper | Fuck Buttons --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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