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2014-03-14 10:24:34 UTC
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Miasm is the latest project from musician and sound sculpture artist Jeremiah Savage. It is a journey in dreams extracted from the void. Lusty connections in the miasm of thought, shaped by Philosophy, Art, Literature, Science, Myths, Emotions, Madness and the many facets of life experience exploited in tandem through progressing music structures that evolve with ideas. Structures that are familiar like a broken memory or a remembered dream but progress like poetic cadences. The Dark Roads is a world inside, created with eyes closed.


"Sometimes, music manages to go beyond being just sounds. It paints a picture in the listener’s mind, connecting them to the artist and sharing with them all of the emotions and energy that it was written to convey. It’s not often that an artist can manage such a feat, and normally, it takes a full album to get the entire experience. But The Dark Roads, a work in progress album from one-man musical project Miasm, manages just that, and absolutely oozes with atmosphere from start to finish.

Every single track has so much character, it’s damn hard to believe this is all the work of just one man. And what’s more, the album isn’t even finished yet, being continually updated as each new song is written, and still all for free. It’s admirable, to say the very least.

'Origin Of Nothing' starts the whole affair off as it means to go on – namely, with sorrow-drenched guitars dancing elegantly together, with moody, menacing undertones. In fact, sorrow drenched in menace is about the best way to describe the general Miasma sound, although it doesn’t really do it justice - it’s hard to find one particular word to summarise the experience adequately. The vocals are a key factor in the atmosphere, and there’s something very shoegazey about Savage’s delivery of them on the opener in particular. His own lamentations bleed effortlessly in with those of the guitars, keeping the melancholic tone steady throughout. The piano near the end is particularly ear-catching, and manages to send shivers down my spine every time, without fail."


MIASM is the post-rock / shoegaze project of Jeremiah Savage, with an enduring interest in dramatic form of sound caused by effects and reverb pedals, his music is built boldly around clean guitars and lulling lyrics that very often lead to a soothing atmosphere and with a deep emotion, all at the expense of the music characterization itself. J. Savage mournful, clean-toned vocals with progressive riffs and the sort of lulling chorus have earned him many critics, blurbs and reviews from blogshperes. Check it out.

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Miasm - The Dark Roads Artist - Miasm Album - The Dark Roads [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2014 Genre - Experimental, Post-rock, Shoegaze [ SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL / DO NOT SKIP ] Tracklist 1. Ship Of Theseus 06:58 2. Face On The Water 06:15 3. Golgotha's Dream 06:20 4. Elysium 06:37 5. The Ninth 06:40 6. Origin Of Nothing 06:05 7. Cradle Void 05:21 8. The Multiverse 05:58 9. Eternal Return 07:28 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miasm - The Dark Roads -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miasm Page Footer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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