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2014-03-03 12:19:57 UTC
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My name is Geoff Webb and I'm currently living as a "college student" in Ann Arbor, MI. I first started learning guitar around the age of 12 and started writing my own songs about a year after that. I've been writing songs on guitar ever since. I eventually got a mixer, mics and whatever other bare minimums I needed to start recording. I downloaded drum machine software and began making terrible metal songs, learning not only how to use my studio set up but also how to write songs.

More time went by; I joined some bands while continuing to practice and work on my solo stuff. I started to study music independently and in my own way. Namely, I started to observe how my favorite bands would structured their songs and how they would transition from part to part in ways that sounded organic and made sense. It helped tremendously with my own material. Slowly I began to understand all the nuances of song writing. It was a blast experimenting with different song structures and experimenting with different elements of different genres.

Here I am now a couple years later still writing songs on guitar. I have not upgraded my recording set up once over the past 5+ years.. In fact I think I may have downgraded. Having the best sounding gear has never really mattered much to me though. Lately I've even adopted the idea of staying lo-fi and using minimalistic recording methods, such as maximizing what I can do with audacity, etc. Last year I decided to pull together some of my best songs that were all in the same kind of punky genre, make them sound as good as they can using a simple direct input, virtual amps, a very obvious drum machine and audacity. I called it "impasse EP." (it actually isn't quite finished yet. I'm working with a friend to add vocals for all the songs. The couple that are done so far are on my soundcloud though) I also tend to write a lot of post-rock and ambient songs as well, a few of which I recently compiled into an ep, "music to pretend to," also available on my bandcamp. Those songs range from 4 to 1 years old, I think it's interesting to guess what songs are from what period.

So that's what I do. I play around on my guitar, eventually build a blueprint of a song, get on my computer and program some awkward sounding drums, record it, record some more on top of it, and then I have a song to upload to whatever social media or file sharing website I'm using during said time. I'm working on a set up to play live shows as a one man band, under the name "Losing Battles." My first show is next week. I see this as the next chapter for me as a songwriter. It's time to perform!

[ Music To Pretend To ] is a sincere post-rock album. Even though the release date is 2012, it's music that brings you back to the roots of post-rock. The original post-rock sound before before it evolves to what it is today, before the blend of ambient, drone and atmospheric elements was incorporated to it. So yes in one way or the other this album will reminds you of the early post-rock sound you discovered while back and it's beautiful to dive back in time and enjoy what its got to offer. BY ALL MEANS head for it. You might want to start with [ Music To Pretend ] followed by [ Unknown Secret Lo-fi ] but be sure to get all of them.

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Artist - Losing Battles Album - Music To Pretend To Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT / GET IT ] Tracklist 1. skleepatoid 02:51 2. sun 03:32 3. you live on a graveyard 03:59 4. as meant 03:02 5. interlude 00:21 6. words/waiting 03:45 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Music To Pretend To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Losing Battles Album - 10 - 18 Release Date - 2012 Genre - Indie, Alternative, Post-rock Influence Tracklist 01 - 10-18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - 10 - 18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Impasse EP Artist - Losing Battles Album - Impasse EP Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ GOOD SOUND ] Tracklist 1. losing battles 03:14 2. it's every night 02:37 3. help (demo) 04:17 4. dead leaves (demo) 04:20 5. save (demo) 03:48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Impasse EP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Unknow  Secret Lo-fi Artist - Losing Battles Album - Unknown Secret Lofi Release Date - 2012 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT / GET IT ] Tracklist 1. snails 03:10 2. tuckerberry 01:21 3. it's morning nothing's left 02:24 4. what i need to believe 02:20 5. ----- 01:18 6. dec 03:04 7. campfire 03:36 8. talk 02:09 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Unknown Secret Lofi -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Impasse B-Sides Artist - Losing Battles Album - Impasse [ B-Sides ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT / GET IT ] Tracklist 1. losing battles v2 (feat. GF, BB) 03:14 2. every night v2 02:37 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Impasse [ B-Sides ] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist - Losing Battles Album - Impasse EP ( Instrumental ) Release Date - 2011 Genre - Instrumental, Post-rock [ EXCELLENT / GET IT ] Tracklist 1. losing battles 03:15 2. every night 02:37 3. help 04:17 4. dead leaves 04:20 5. save 03:48 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles - Impasse EP ( Instrumental ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Losing Battles Banner --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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