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Suuns have no doubt ingested a lot of art rock, the Montreal group’s minimalist rhythms are equally informed by [ Joy Division ], [ Suicide ] and [ Can ], often wrapped in a noisy squall of droning guitars and pulsing synth’. In addition to this Ben Shemie’s breathy, paranoid sing/speak, and there are times that it seems like Suuns are about to drive over a sonic cliff. But there’s actually a great sense of restraint at play. We were enveloped in Suuns’ dark and thrilling post-punk from the first listen, never to return.

Band Members Include:

Ben Shemie [ vocals, guitar ]
Joe Yarmush [ guitar, bass ]
Liam O’Neill [ drums ] and
Max Henry [ bass, keyboards ]

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SUUNS‘ new album Images Du Futur was written in the time of the student protests in Quebec (February – September 2012). And it is exactly this spirit they set to music. Somewhere between joy, hope and frustration, SUUNS managed to record a lot of feelings and emotions and make songs our of it. And with this the band grew up to an act that is more than serious. Images Du Futur is even more intense than their debut album Zeroes QC, just by using new patterns and even being even more dynamic. So is for example SUUNS‘ masterpiece Edie’s Dream which roots on just one bass line. An intelligent and at the same time naked and delicate approach to write songs. Cautious but still demanding. Direct but still indirect. Simply intelligent and genius.

The album’s opener, Powers Of Ten, will bring pictures to your mind that you will soon see as “the album’s manifest”: “got ir together / I read in the paper ( all of these strangers / stranger and stranger… / no, no. no. no. how you try and remember / how all of these pieces / all fir together.” Frontman Ben Shemie told that SUUNS as a band always try to watch their music from far away to see more details, while in front of them new landscapes open up. Without any doubt, Images Du Futur is SUUNS strongest release, that definitely managed to keep the spirit of the student protests in Quebec. An amazing album that hovers between understatement and ingenuousness.

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Suuns - Images Du Futur

Artist – Suuns
Album – Images Du Futur
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Indie, Experimental, Psychedelic, Post-punk [ Very Much “Clinic” / GET IT ]


01. Powers of Ten
02. 2020
03. Minor Work
04. Mirror Mirror
05. Edie’s Dream
06. Sunspot
07. Bambi
08. Holocene City
09. Images Du Futur
10. Music Won’t Save You
Suuns – Images Du Futur

Artist – Suuns
Album – Zeroes QC
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Electro, Synth, Electro-core, Indie, Experimental, Psychedelic


01 Armed for Peace 3:37
02 Gaze 3:57
03 Arena 5:12
04 Pie IX 3:16
05 Marauder 1:49
06 Sweet Nothing 7:03
07 Up Past the Nursery 3:23
08 PVC 3:40
09 Fear 1:58
10 Organ Blues 3:45
Suuns – Zeroes QC
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