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Monochromie Profile

Monochromie is the musical project of Wilson Trouvé. Through the borders of ambient, noise and post-rock, these surfaces and textures slowly evolve towards an elsewhere, producing the resonance of a particular atmosphere : a dark or luminous landscape, aerial or earthly, a hot or cold light. Each song’s color is unique and draw bridges between classical and contemporary, minimalism and baroque, using a piano, a metallophone, and some other acoustic instruments mixed with crystalline sounds, sparkling , squeaky or saturated.

Sigur Ros, Pan American, Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Thee Silver Mt Zion, Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto or Frederic Chopin, Erik Satie and the sonatas or impromptus of Franz Schubert are among the many influences of the artist. In a constant round trip between a soothing breath and a noisy storm, Monochromie’s music plays with our deep emotions and produces colors in the palette already rich and contrasted of Fluttery Records artists.

"Angels and Demons" is Monochromie's debut album. Built from piano melodies, tinged with synthetic textures and industrial sounds, his music shines and darkens into one single movement. Along with 13 songs on the album, we travel between heaven and earth, light and gravity, among angels and demons which inhabit our worlds and Monochromie’s music.

“Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep”, a new 9-track album in the ambient ~ electronica ~ post-rock genre and the new album will surprise many listeners. After his quiet and peaceful debut album “Angels and Demons”, the new album shine bright. As the album cover suggests, sounds emerge from an electric heaven or flash through stormy skies. The post-rock tone is accentuated with the addition of ethereal melodies played on guitars, while loud and saturated noises that transport the listener into an increasingly wild, intense and deep elsewhere.

Fluttery Records is very happy to release the the second album of this gifted artist and we believe that the people who enjoyed his debut album will also enjoy this album and find new musical tastes with the new songs like Fireworks, Day and night of a scarecrow, Silence is Anger.

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Monochromie - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep Artist - Monochromie Album - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2013 Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Post-rock [ EPIC AMBIENT ] Tracklist 1. A Cold Sunset 05:36 2. Broken Beauties 04:39 3. Ashes and Sparks 03:04 4. Birds Never Die 03:52 5. Hymn 04:29 6. Silence is Anger 05:29 7. Day and Night Of a Scarecrow 07:54 8. Fireworks 04:37 9. Insomnia 07:20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monochromie - Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monochromie - Angels and Demons Artist - Monochromie Album - Angels and Demons [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2012 Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Post-rock [ EPIC AMBIENT ] Tracklist 01. Skylines 05:42 02. A Sunny Afternoon 03:28 03. Erosion 04:39 04. Sniezny Krajobraz 04:20 05. White Storm 02:30 06. Frozen Sea 04:23 07. Untitled (Snow) 04:07 08. Undefined Field 02:57 09. Ataraxie 03:03 10. #1 03:51 11. Echos 06:00 12. Antennas 04:59 13. Gorace Zarzewie 08:19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monochromie - Angels and Demons -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recommendations: Flica | Hammock | My Cats Is A Stargazer | Amberhaze | The thumbled Sea -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monochromie --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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