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Tuber Profile

Tuber grew up in a sunny place, south of Greece, in an island called Crete. They were hiding from the sun, jamming in dark studios and playing their music in rock caves. As they moved north, sounds became lighter, since they started miss hot ground. Balance came as a result of smash, dark embraced light and improvisation turned into an effortless and instinctive process.

Tuber moved their interest into new forms, founding themselves experimenting with compositions that combine mixed styles and sounds from different ground. Focus is now on rock aesthetic flirting with psychedelic atmosphere and a touch of romantic mood. At this time Tuber live in Serres, forming their feelings and thoughts into music and words, still learning how to leave with reality and reinventing it with love.

Members Are:

Nikos Gerostathos [ drums ]
Paris Fragkos [ bass guitar ]
Yannis Gerostathos [ guitar ]

[ Tuber EP 12 Vinyl ]. Our first EP especially remastered for Vinyl at Masterdisk, New York. Limited Edition hand numbered Orange vinyl. Comes in a gatefold cover with brand new artwork and includes our single “Smoked Up Notes” as a bonus track! Released on Krauted Mind Records! The 42min 5 track EP has been described thoroughly as a blend of stoner, desert and post rock with a sublime psych edge! Tuber are loud, spacey, atmospheric and groovy! You can order their 12″ EP or download it for FREE on BANDCAMP. Some seriously hypnotic sounds on this album guys – experimental post-rock tunes and heavy riffs with a touch of stoner / psychedelic. See recommendations and GET THIS TITLE by all means. Even better… get it on vinyl if you can. TOTALLY WORTHY. And note that this vinyl also contain a bonus track which is EPIC.

__[ SludgeSwamp ]. OK… This EP Rocks hard! Tuber are a Band from Greece but You’d think they came from California & brought the desert right in the room with You. Seriously, I recommend picking this one up. Five tracks of hypnotizing killer music & they’re giving it away, God love em”.

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Tuber: Yannis Gerostathos, Yannis Artzoglou, Nickos Gerostathos, Paris Fragkos. [ Desert Overcrowded ], Last Drop, The South Will Prevail, Sucker Punch, Cause We Didn’t Find Our Way Written by Yannis Gerostathos Firebird, Nickos Gerostathos and Yannis Gerostathos. Recorded Mixed and Produced By Paris Fragkos at Parallel Universe Studio, Serres, Greece Photography Kostis Papakonstantinou.

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Tuber - Desert Overcrowded

Artist – Tuber
Album – Desert Overcrowded [ 10 Out Of 10 ]
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Experimental, Instrumental, Post-rock, Psychedelic / Stoner, [ DO NOT SKIP / MIND-BLOWING ]


1. Desert Overcrowded 10:02
2. Sucker Punch 07:39
3. Firebird 07:00
4. Last Drop 06:20
5. Cause We Didn’t Find Our Way 04:46
6. The South Will Prevail 06:50
Tuber – Desert Overcrowded


Artist – Tuber
Album – Tuber EP 12 Vinyl [ 10 Out Of 10 ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Experimental, Instrumental, Post-rock, Psychedelic / Stoner / Krautrock Influence


1. Sex And Depression 10:55
2. Lap Dance 06:44
3. The Fall Of The Wall 10:26
4. Attack From Mars 06:30
5. Smoked Up Notes (Bonus track) 06:40


Tuber - Smoked Up Notes

Artist – Tuber
Album – Smoked Up Notes
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Instrumental, Post-Rock, Post-Metal, Stoner Rock [ EXCELLENT LISTEN ]


01 Smoked Up Notes
Tuber – Smoked Up Notes


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