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Big Dead

Big Dead Profile Picture

This Brisbane six piece bring a kind of world-weary abandon to their particular brand of jazz-infused rock. Think Radiohead at their most unnerved and you’re some of the way there. But this would short change the band’s divergent makeup; this is music which smoothes as many feathers as it rustles. At the heart of Big Dead is a take-no-prisoners musical ambition, eager to hurl the listener from chaos through to catharsis.

Following the successful release of their debut single “How it ends, How it Starts,” Brisbane based group Big Dead will be releasing brand new EP “Eudaemonia” online on the 26th of July, 2013. Eudaemonia runs an addled path through jazz and rock experimentalism, recalling the sprawling reveries of Spiritualized and the skittering polyrhythmic manoeuvres of Jaga Jazzist. To coincide with the release, friends of Big Dead have remixed the new material. Guest collaborators include Aztec Delorean, White Palms, Motion.Picture.Actress and Forms to name a few. The remixes will be released at the EP launch on the 16th of August at the Waiting Room, West End in Brisbane. Joining Big Dead on the night will be Hether and Motion Picture Actress.

[ Eudaemonia ]. In an extra-ordinary shift from their previous releases which include “A Very Short Story” and “Live At The Globe”, the [ Big Dead ] surprise us with a softcore music-shattering trip to curious places. And considering the changes in their sound as well as the new soft-jazz topped-up elements there’s no doubt the band will pick up some new fans along the way. In their previous works, the [ Big Dead ] had no trouble with direction or structure for that matter… which interestingly lead listeners to a blurry but vivid imagination line strictly based on their grandiose lo-fi and mellow-core approach.

Eudaemonia, however takes us on an ambiguous tour that makes everything clear and concise. Everything that had originally made Big Dead music interesting, unique and beautiful is simply amplified. Eudaemonia in its compact form of five movements tend to progress in an irregular model. The majority part of the EP is soft and comfortable but ominous and menacing at the same time with exquisite drops of nostalgia that really tickles your feelings as you go along.

The most electric piece on this EP is without a single doubt “Mr Optimistic” behind which lies some solid screeching guitars and beautiful riff(ing) with distortions / pedals but even then the eerie vocals lead you to a tense and smoky alley at the back of your mind. Aside from “Mr Optimistic” which by the way is totally amazing the band truly goes full length to show a reminiscent of The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble with vocals and that worked out brilliantly for me. Get ready for some REPEAT LISTEN on this one.

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Brisbanes Big Dead have released the first single “Atomise (What We Should)” from their upcoming debut record due out late 2014. The new work represents a step in a different direction for the band, who’s last EP Eudaemonia had more of a down-tempo, jazz influence. Their new compositions see the group move into louder !heavier territory. Drawing on influences from American Minimalism, European! outfits like Jaga Jazzist and electronic music among other things. This release is a departure from their previous!

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Big Dead - Atomise What We Should

Artist – Big Dead
Album – Atomise (What We Should) [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2014
Genre – Post-rock, Post-jazz, Experimental [ TOTALLY EXQUISITE ]


01 – Atomise (What We Should)
Big Dead – Atomise (What We Should)


Big Dead - Eudaemonia

Artist – Big Dead
Album – Eudaemonia [ * * * * * ] X 10
Release Date – 2013 [ 26th JULY ]
Genre – Soft-jazz, Experimental, Post-jazz, Post-rock [ YOU DECIDE ]


Big Dead – Eudaemonia – 01 How It Ends, How It Starts
Big Dead – Eudaemonia – 02 Dopamine
Big Dead – Eudaemonia – 03 The Nail
Big Dead – Eudaemonia – 04 Mr Optimistic
Big Dead – Eudaemonia – 05 Emily
Big Dead – Eudaemonia


Artist – Screens / Big Dead
Album – Split [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Post-rock, Indie, Alternative, Ambient [ SUPERB LISTEN ]


1. Sirens 04:48
2. Breathe 05:16
3. Big Dead – (The Sun Also Rises) 04:45
4. Big Dead – Papillon dans mons Cerveau (Dempefka mix) 04:02
Screens + Big Dead – [ Split EP ]


Big Dead - A Very Short Story

Artist – Big Dead
Album – A Very Short Story [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2009
Genre – Lo-fi, Electro, Ambient, Chillout, Mellow [ LOVE IT ]


01 Papillon Dans Mans Cerveau
02 The Falling Down of Bridges
03 Bodies
04 Jungle Book Song
05 Dearly
06 One Fine Day (By The Sea)
Big Dead – A Very Short Story

Big Dead

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