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2015-01-30 15:45:54 UTC
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Phoenix is a recent graduate of the ‘Conservatoire de Musique du Québec’. He is trained on the piano and guitar. Up until 2014, he has worked as an arranger for several classical and electroacoustic independent projects, through various music communities in Montreal. He is currently preparing a follow-up album as well as a live multi media performance set, both due out in early 2016.


Credits Released 04th Of September 2014 Mastered by Taylor Deupree Artwork by Taylor Deupree Music by Phoenix York | Released by Buried Standing REVIEWS: [ NORMAN ] | [ IGLOOMAG ] | [ THE SIRENS SOUND ]

“Godspeed Phuong” is the latest title from [ Phoenix York ], Canadian based ambient composer / instrumentalist. The album is mastered by “Taylor Deupree” which is definitely a plus as it instantly gives us a hint of what to expect. “Godspeed Phuong” is completely detached from the usual noises and harsh electronic sounds which are generally associated with noise-waves and pitch-black atmospheres; “Godspeed Phuong” instead delivers an enchanting ambient composition that spins in an infinite dimension. The record is packed with lush field recordings and thrilling spoken-lyrics that set the sound completely apart from this world.

The coherent comfort of cheerfulness infuses the dramatic state-of-the-art composition in beauty and in charmed. Amassed with precision and gallantry, the elegant sound sequence of “Godspeed Phuong” is a dense introductory of apprehension reminiscent of the work of [ Grouper ] and [ Noveller ], alike monikers who are similarly haunted with themes that reflects deep emotions and a sense of liberation, except that here, [ Phoenix York ] emphasizes a great deal towards sleepiness and relaxation. Magical soft shivers melodies that gently emerge from a smog-like figure and sleepily turned into dream-waves as one prepare to ‘laisser aller’. Those are bonus elements that comes as a compliment of [ Phoenix York ].

Progressively over the expansion of “Godspeed Phuong”, sheets of classical-ambient orchestration, frame and superimpose one another. Thus coalesce every movement while building a delicate concurrence in sound that also resonate each other in total fluidity creating a hypnotic quilt that emanate an unearthly calmness, and whilst generating a hauntingly beautiful aura that really needs to be heard to fully comprehend its power, its warmth and its bittersweet melancholy. The track’s volume as well as the lightness of the sound is absolutely dense and the structure of “Godspeed Phuong” genuinely takes on an immensely divine and spiritual path. The album is packed with clustered textures, flexible to various atmospheres in an ostensibly abiding boldness of one simple musical statement, evolving to a melodic-pitch ( one that is filled with hallucination ) and captivating synth-choirs create a truly bewitching and almost haunting air, I must admit it’s the kind of music’s that’s almost impossible to ignore.

Yes… while the core argument remains that this particular type of music or sound of this nature appeals to a certain time or frame of mind only. Still… the intensity of the sound as well as the appealing beauty of “Godspeed Phuong” and its overpowering nature which can in many instances be compared to space-ambient and meditative-sound produced by the likes of phenomenal aliases such as [ MusicForMessier ], [ Ous Mal ], [ Endless Melancholy ] and the likes, generally ambient guru’s music’s that are well-executed and professionally delivered to achieve a certain level of emotion in sound and visual. So instead of imagining I’d say experiencing the superior dreamy-sound, filling hollow spaces of your imagination and taking you to various chambers you’d never thought exist, that alone is a whole different game together. “Godspeed Phuong” is a release you do not want to miss out on. Check it out guys as you are in for a MEGA ambient treat.

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Phoenix York - Godspeed Phuong Artist - Phoenix York Album - Godspeed Phuong [ * * * * * ] Release Date - 2014 Genre - Ambient, Instrumental, Field Recordings, Spoken Lyrics [ BRILLIANT ] Tracklist 1. Juarez 01:26 2. Godspeed Phuong 05:28 3. Milam B 03:08 4. Quietus 03:16 5. Quezon City 04:25 6. Imperial Affliction 03:10 7. Reentry 03:52 | 8. Surf 04:11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phoenix York - Godspeed Phuong -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P YORK --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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