New single from Dario Margeli - I'm Not My Brain

2016-09-19 21:05:58 UTC
dario Dario Margeli is presently based in Europe, though is a US citizen and spent many years in California. His first song, released March 2011, featured Florida-based studio session blues guitarist Hugh Williams. Later that year, his song "Somebody Pull Me Up" - with remix help by Hungarian producer Gabor Holik - circulated through several music sites, including the website of the clothing brand Sisley. Another one of his songs, released in 2012, "Exploited Degraded Office Workers" caught the imagination of many, owing to its daring lyrics about the life of today's middle-class workers. Dario writes original songs that often feature a self-help component, with references to quotes from many of the great Buddhist and well-being teachers. In 2013 he released a single with title "Salvarmi Da Questa Anarchia" ("save me from this anarchy") and reviewed on Italy's 3rd highest ranking rock website Rockit.It. The lyrics refer to existential doubts and how to overcome indifference. It was also featured on Italy's national radio RAI in Radio 2, on the program Il Ruggito Del Coniglio.

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Review for the new EP "I Wanna Be Exploited" by Tommy Red

A combination of retro aesthetics, enduring lyrics and alt-rock grit. The best music happens when artists refuse to remain stuck in their own comfort zones and creative boxes. Whenever this happens, they are free to give full range to their vision, and they can really come up with something that’s groundbreaking and personable. This is certainly the case here with Tommy Red and his brand new EP release, “I Wanna Be Exploited.”


Dream within a Dream by Marva Von Theo

Marva Von Theo is an Electropop / Synthwave duo formed in 2016 by the Athens-based singer-songwriter Marva Voulgari and the Vienna-based composer-producer Theo Foinidis. Their Debut Album “Dream within a Dream” was released early in 2018. The 12 songs on their Album, lean towards an electronic sound that incorporates a variety of influences ranging from the music of the 80’s until today. Darkwave sounds, Jazz harmonies, Rock and Dance drum beats resonate together and mature into something darkly romantic.



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