Easy Life Brings New Taste Of Swag – The best job you could have is getting paid for doing what you love. This is how exactly Easy Life members make their music. Instead of riding the wave of popular pop songs, they define their own music colour. It would be hard to tell the genre, but the songs are charming and unique, just like the members.
– Forming the Band
In the latest interview with BBC radio, Easy Life members recalled how the members came together as a group. While the other big names in music industry have meaningful journey, they mentioned that theirs wasn’t. In fact, it happened in a flash. In the beginning, there were only four of them. Some were school mates while others met in Leicester as fellow musician.
These four buddies then go on different pubs, playing gigs for some friends. After their gig was done, they went to a bar and met Jordan Britles. At that time, Britles was an active keyboard player in a band “By The Rivers’’. It is a rising reggae band. Long story short, Brtiles agrees to join the team. Like a full online poker table in https://homebet88.online, this band is finally full.

– Creating The Songs
When Easy Life first started their career, they have no idea yet about the music genre. Playing along with pop culture is not an option, as the members are not fond of it. They then composed Pockets, their first single to catapults their existence. It was Chess Club record who contacted them and wanted to make Pockets a single. Easy Life couldn’t be happier when public approves their four and half minute song.

Members of Easy Life agree that their lyrics do not have to discuss merely about love. There are plenty of topics people talk about in the bar. Instead of being mellow or swayed, why don’t stick to the truth? Thus, other Easy Life works discuss reality like climate change, depression, and so on.

In the lyrics, you could notice that there is always a slight hope and comfort. Easy Life wants to highlight the “sun shines after rain” concept. No matter how bad things are now, there will be something good after. They are now on tour while working on their album.

Once you hit the play button, the dominant melody in many Easy Life songs comes from guitar. Then you will enjoy witty lyrics with memorable chorus. If you haven’t heard about this indie band before, then 2020 is a good start. This incredible band won many awards in 2019, so 2020 is expected to be a blast!