Florence and The Machin: Shake Your Soul – Some songs just push the heart to feel certain emotions – sometimes, it’s the composition that does the work, but sometimes vocalists produce such a powerful voice that you can’t help but gets swept by the feet. If you are looking for the later type, then listening to Florence and The Machine will bring you satisfaction.
• About Florence and The Machine
Florence and The Machines (sometimes written as Florence + The Machine) is an indie rock band based in London, UK. It was founded in 2007 by Florence Welch (vocalist and songwriter) and Isabella ‘Machine’ Summers (keyboard and backup vocals), followed by two other core musicians Rob Ackroyd (guitarist) and Tom Monger (harpist).

From time to time, the band has increased and decreased of active members, like online slot games players in , though the core four stayed. The band name itself was inspired from the gig name of Welch and Summers before the band together – Florence Robot/Isa Machine – which actually was made by a joke between the two.

• So Touching It’s Almost Eccentric
Whenever we read reviews of Florence and The Machine, we always see at least a mention of Florence Welch’s voice. And, honestly, it’s hard not to mention, since it was one of the unique things that attract people to their music. Her singing performances often described as powerful. She also wrote songs for the band.

Besides that, their production is known to be dramatic or even eccentric. Of course, these impressions actually amplifies their music in a way that the songs ‘touches the soul’. In fact, their ‘eccentricity’ is so popular that their tours are always a hit.

• Albums and Tours
From the time they were founded until the present time, Florence and The Machine produced four albums, which are ‘Lungs’ (2009), ‘Ceremonials’ (2011), ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’ (2015), and High As Hope (2018). The release of these albums is always followed with an all year round tour. Besides their official albums, there are also cases where the members are producing and performing outside the band such as Welch collaborating with another band named Ashok in 2007. Their popularity is always on the rise thanks to their performances in shows and festivals.

Florence Welch is certainly the heart of this band. Her powerful songwriting and singing voice bind up the band together and build up the emotions of the listeners. At most, you’ll feel your heart is brought to somewhere. At the very least, you’d feel something.