London Grammar is not some sort of new language rules that you need to learn, but it is a great indie band from Britain. This indie band recently gains its popularity through their amazing songs. As they gained more popularity, lots of people get more curious about them.

– Formed in 2009
This indie band has been around for almost 10 years, but their music has been acknowledged recently. The vocalist of the band, Hannah Reid, firstly met the guitarist, Dan Rothman, in Nottingham University. Both of them agreed to form a band and the last band member, Dominic ‘Dot’ Major joined the band later. They formed the band in 2009, but they began to concentrate on music in 2011.

– Has Great Achievements
The band received great attention from people in 2012 when they posted their song entitled ‘Hey Now’ on their YouTube. They continued to create their music and their first album ‘If You Wait’ in 2013. The songs in this album placed the second in various charts. Not only in the UK, but the songs have also gained the place in the Australian Albums Chart, the French Albums Chart, the Irish Albums Chart, and the New Zealand Albums Chart.

London Grammar, English Indie Pop Band

Not only gaining the place in various charts, but the songs also won different kinds of awards, such as Ivor Novello Award and AIM Independent Music Awards. The songs in this album are also used in different kinds of advertisements and soundtracks. Their career skyrocketed and they created their second album in 2017. This album also follows the success of the first album and they become more popular.

London Grammar has its own ‘grammar’ in expressing their music. The distinct voice of the vocalist will sway your feet away and lets you go deeper to enjoy the meaning of the songs. Once you listen to the songs, you will fall in love with them instantly.