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NY Lo-fi Project [ Usual Sunset ] Debut Title [ Drain ] Available On BandCamp

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Ambient Outfit [ Erbear ] aka “cssc” Latest Album [ Ruminate ] Available On BandCamp

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Post-rock Duo [ ENO ] Latest Album [ From The Lower Earth and Ocean ] OUT NOW!

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Usual Sunset

May 25th, 2015 / Comments Off on Usual Sunset / by Mog/

Usual Sunset Profle

Usual Sunset is the project of singer-songwriter, Kendal Hockin. Written and recorded in a small town in Texas during the late winter of 2014, his first album ‘drain’ is a wholehearted effort to process the experiences of that year by gathering all of his notes, poems and writings and forming them into songs. He pairs spacious, atmospheric music with raw, introspective lyrics that tell stories of horror, isolation, confinement and beauty in dream sequences. Human desperation in a machine, a search for relief, effaced by the sea, ‘drain’ creeps in, slowly reveals itself and returns to an unconscious state like a fever dream.


Released JAN 08th 2015
All Music Performed & Recorded By [ Usual Sunset ]

Usual Sunset is most likely one of the most interesting Lo-fi project I’ve come across in a long time. With lush and intriguing vocals “Drain” outcome is a completely dark atmosphere with haunting keys but that’s not it though, the most interesting part of this album is that I can’t help but finding the playlist an extremely intimate one. The 01st two artists that I can immediately refer Usual Sunset are [ The Widest Smiling Faces ] and [ The Microphones ] which to my understanding are extremely good companies. By all means hit play and instead of trying to make sense of the music, simply allow yourself to be smoothly yet hauntingly swayed away. POWERFUL SOUND.

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Usual Sunset - Drain

Artist – Usual Sunset
Album – Drain [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Singer-song Writer, Minimal, Lo-fi [ POWERFUL ]


01. wall 05:37
02. locked shut 08:30
03. woke up 03:57
04. discount 06:08
05. hallway and light 04:45
06. beach 4 05:29
07. glass 06:33
08. church of real life, turn now 03:09
09. order 04:48
10. permission to live 12:21
11. christmas eve 04:31 | 12. ascension 08:49 | 13. chain 05:08
Usual Sunset – Drain

Usual Sunset

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The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me

May 25th, 2015 / Comments Off on The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me / by Mog/

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Profile

The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me (TODWM) – We consider our origins to be 2007, although we cannot deny our past. TODWM are pretty much three individual’s from Pretoria, South Africa, with three very dissimilar interests sonically, which combined, forms the crux of what we do. I would guess that post-rock & post-metal resonates with all the members of the band equally, but this vehicle does however pose pitfalls in its limitations as far as genres go and how people perceive us, hence why our approach to music will always be for one of transformation in our restlessness.

Our debut album (“Which I Hope to Live For”) was recorded during the middle part of 2008 and released in December that year. Fairly widely gigged and promoted; the album was finally buried during the later part of 2009 to start the writing process for the follow up. Our sophomore album was recorded between June – Dec 2011 with Paul Gioia at his studio in Pretoria and was mixed in Sweden by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Khoma, ef). Perhaps a bit darker, a bit heavier and a bit noisier than its predecessor; it’s soon to be another picture up on the wall.

We view music in the light of the fact that for every door or chapter that closes on us, another one opens up. Far from being naive or disillusioned by how this will end up, we are always following the mood and ambiance in the room and respond accordingly. What the future holds, we are possibility setting ourselves up (to our possible ruin) for exploring the realms of avant-garde drone, jazz and noise, yet realizing that structure is needed in this for our own sanity, as well as for our audience, thus why post-rock/post-metal will always form part of what we do.


2015 – The Reins
2012 – As the Dust Settles
2008 – Which I Hope to Live For


Released 11 May 2015

Beastie – Bass, Vocals
CF – Guitars, Vocals
Robin – Drums, Synths & Electronics

Cover art and photos by Bernard Brand
Mixed and engineered by Paul Gioia.
Partly recorded at Asylum Studios, Pretoria
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg @ The Vilhelm Room, Stockholm, Sweden

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The Ocean Doesn't Want Me - The Reins

Artist – The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Album – The Reins [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Progressive-metal, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Experimental [ LOVE IT ]


1. We Remember 07:45
2. Droughts and Floods 04:05
3. Young Ones 05:07 | 4. Let Blood 09:34
The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me – The Reins


Artist – The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Album – As The Dust Settles [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Progressive-metal, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Experimental [ LOVE IT ]


1. Roots point the way 04:39
2. Van Eyck 10:47
3. Dune movement 11:27
4. This castle stands alone 11:26
5. Property line 10:24
6. Millais 05:45
7. Until our mouths are filled with earth 12:58
The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me – As The Dust Settles



Artist – The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
Album – Which I Hope To Live For [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2008
Genre – Progressive-metal, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Experimental [ LOVE IT ]


01 The End Is (Still) Nigh
02 While You Were A
03 Way, I Forgot
04 To Stay
05 The Same
06 Nation Of Spears
07 You’re Yellow Not Golden
08 Saved By Tsavendas’ Worm
09 We Watched Them Come
The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me – Which I Hope To Live For

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

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Wolves and Horses

May 25th, 2015 / Comments Off on Wolves and Horses / by Mog/

Wolves and Horses Profile

Christian Saint-Viteux records under the alias of [ Wolves and Horses ] and his début Self-Title EP is simply one of a kind. It’s the type of music you would want to start your day with. Regardless of the mood you in, grumpy or cheerful, matinal or sleepy, the cinematic air mixed with soothing notes and the almost-still progression pace holds a magical touch. It’s more like the key / main ingredient to cheer everyone around you including yourself in a blink of an eye. That said below the surface of all subtleness and charms also lays a strange kind of darkness, not the abasement or austere one’s, but more of a blurry yet comfort type of darkness. Listeners clearly doesn’t have to go to great extent in order to distinguish that [ Wolves and Horses ] formulate one of the most receptive and touchy concoction of subtle ambiance and lethargic beats. Strange combination I’ll admit but the fluidity and charisma is absolutely ecstatic.

Title: Wolves and Horses EP
By: Wolves and Horses UAECD1501
EAN/Barcode: 7072302000012
Release date: May 25th | Label [ UAE Records ]

Just to touch base, about the project itself. [ Wolves and Horses ] took its form towards the end of 2013 and is located in Lebbeke, Belgium. As far as this eponymous EP goes, it contains five tracks, based on organic, ‘drony’ pads and deeply transformed sounds from the core foundation of ambient music’s. To be more precise, the music is written like soundtracks for imaginary short films and swings back and forth between light and shade. The approach is… when beginning to work on a new track, Christian starts by creating a sound which sets the atmosphere, and to which he then adds some astonishing layers upon. The only notable exception from this EP is ‘Tears for the forgotten’ which was deliberately written to be darker, and is based on tortured metallic screaming sounds and hard drum kicks.

While harmonious themes tend to evolve across the entire EP, crystal clear guitars and subtle keys provide an anchor strong enough to makes you want to keep listening. Christian Saint-Viteux music’s dwells in various facets glittering the thin line between wistful yearning & euphoric capitulation and when the sound fades in and fades out morphing itself to an exquisite piece, one can literally feel some sort of absence, a hole that need to be filled a silence that deserves to be broken and might I add [ Wolves and Horses ] début EP does just that, it dishes just the right portion of ambient-kick that accommodate several emotions, threadlike of sadness sneak here and there and just when it gets too much, a different vibe overtake the atmosphere adjusting the sound to a listenable frequency again and again. The beauty of this début effort is that it’s got nothing over dramatic or underwhelming. Foggy textures, ‘drony’ loops, woozy beats and stretching keys sustain into a redemptive ambient-drone framework while lush string melodies falls in to place effortlessly.

In a nutshell this five movements EP is a genuine and passionate effort of love for ambient sound, with production values that set the bar somewhere in the middle with an edition of 300, I am certain this baby will be sold out like candy’s to any [ Max Richter ], [ Ous Mal ], [ Antonymes ] and the likes fans. On a personal note I’d say this brand new release is a meaningful and provocative journey that ticks all the right boxes for the kind of music I live for. In many cases I would assume a lot of us would classify [ Wolves and Horses ] as background music’s, but the fact is… the final outcome of this EP goes way above and beyond background sounds, it’s more of a classical-ambient act that can be dished out as movie soundtrack, and by movie soundtrack I am not only referring to small independent movies, the truth is… I wouldn’t be surprise at all if a major movie production company with a million $ budget targeting [ Wolves and Horses ] musical pieces as OST for a million dollar budget movie. That’s how good the sound is and I can’t wait to see / hear a follow-up EP or album on this one. [ DO NOT SKIP ] and if you are in a position of doing so, then go right ahead and pre-order this gem. I’ve listened to this EP dozens of times, needless to say in .wav format since I’ve received it and I am still fond for another spin.

Pre-orders Distribution
Starts Today the 25th MAY 2015
If you haven’t yet by all means get yourself a copy

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Wolves and Horses - Wolves and Horses EP 2015

Artist – Wolves and Horses
Album – Wolves and Horses EP [ * * * * * * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015 ( MAY 25th )
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Slow-ambient, Experimental, Soundscape


1. Under The Pale Blue Moon
2. A Light Gray Morning
3. Snow Capped Mountains Above The Clouds
4. Tears For The Forgotten | 5. Ripples On A Pond
PRE-ORDER Wolves and Horses – Wolves and Horses EP
EXCLUSIVE STREAM Wolves and Horses – Wolves and Horses EP

Wolves and Horses

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Pride and Ego Down

May 25th, 2015 / Comments Off on Pride and Ego Down / by Mog/

Pride and Ego Down Profile

Pride And Ego Down – We started Pride And Ego Down as a two-piece a few years ago. Tried different things, played a few shows in and around our hometown but always struggled with our sound and the direction in which we were heading. When we started, neither one of us was able to play his instrument really well but with the years we grew more confident and felt more comfortable with the songwriting-process.

When we finally decided to get serious and record a real EP, we decided that it would be necessary for the band to add a base player. We asked a friend of us, he joined the band, we played a show together and from then on we were a three-piece. Soon we began recording in the studio of a friend of ours and out came “Cloud Moving Mind”.

With time and the experiences we made with the “scene” (or whatever you want to call it) we grew pretty tired of the bands and people around us. Noone seemed to really want to work for his music, everyone was rather interested in school, job, university… you name it. So a main goal of us has become to escape this lame world we have been stuck in for so long. We hope that “Cloud Moving Mind” is the beginning of us getting out there, play shows and meet people who actually care for the whole thing. We are ready to put everything on the line and work as hard as we can. We are looking forward to what lies ahead.

[ Cloud Moving Mind ] is an amazing blend of post-metal, screamo and post-hardcore mix. Given the mass releases and artists we have in this particular genre sometimes it gets a little tricky, but rest assure [ Pride And Ego Down ] is definitely not one of the generic screamo band. Take [ Counterworld ] for instance… While the concept of this piece seems to be obvious clear forefront vocals racing along firm and rigid guitars, crescendos, bold and striking voc’s automatically falls in the back-end as an additional third atmospheric layers. Stunning release, I just wish the duration of this EP was longer than it is.


Release MAY 22nd 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered
by Marc Sokal at Carousel Studio, Wuppertal

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Pride and Ego Down - Tear Room

Artist – Pride and Ego Down
Album – Tear Room [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Post-rock, Post-metal, Post-hardcore [ AWESOME ]


1. Thirtytwo 01:48
2. Son Of Rain 03:48
3. Our Great Desire 03:13
4. Know My Name 03:36
5. Oxygen 04:28
6. Dark Blonde 02:08
7. Wavecatcher 01:46
8. Everything You Say 04:08
9. Making Wheat Out Of Tares 04:27
10. The Lie 03:05 | 11. It Is True 05:40 | 12. Gone 01:31
Pride and Ego Down – Tear Room


Pride and Ego Down - Our Great Desire

Artist – Pride and Ego Down
Album – Our Great Desire
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Post-rock, Post-metal, Post-hardcore [ AWESOME ]


1. Our Great Desire 03:16
2. Broken Back 05:03
Pride and Ego Down – Our Great Desire


Artist – Pride And Ego Down
Album – Cloud Moving Mind [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Screamo [ ABSOLUTELY STUNNING ]


1. How To Build On Sand 01:53
2. Skysick 02:09
3. Counterworld 02:25
4. In Your Hands 02:48
5. Song To The Opened Night 03:04
Pride And Ego Down – Cloud Moving Mind

P & ED

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