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Introducing [ First Falling Leaves ] Single [ Floating ] From Upcoming EP!!!

Ambient-drone Project [ Wolves and Horses ] Debut [ S/T EP ] Out On [ UAE RECORDS ]

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Ambient-drone Outfit [ GIMU ] Latest Album [ Of The SPirit, Of The Space ] Out On UAE REC.

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UAE Logo

UAE Records is a small independent label managed by Christer Lunder and Christian Saint-Viteux. We focus mainly on ambient, drone, electronic and experimental music. Our main goal is to work closely with our artists and together try to fulfill the potential in the music and the artistic work.


2014 – Us As Effigies “NODULA”
2015 – Gimu “Of The Spirit, Of The Space”
2015 – Wolves And Horses “Wolves and Horses EP”

Teasers / Forthcoming Releases 2015:


First Falling Leaves – Floating

Forthcoming Releases

Nordafor – EP (TBA)
First Falling Leaves – EP (TBA)
musicformessier – “The Pleiades” (Release date set for September 15th 2015)


Release – AUG 24th 2015

Written by GIMU
Produced, recorded and mixed by GIMU
Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen
@ Propeller Mastering
Artwork: Robin Snasen Rengård
Distribution: UAE Records | Label: UAE Records
Digital & CD (4 page Digipack) | Scheduled for August 24th, 2015

“Of The Spirit, Of The Space” is the third release on novice recording label UAE. Based in Norway and over its short existence UAE have already carved its name signing-up mega-ambient and subtle-noises monikers such as “GIMU”, “MusicForMessier” and “Wolves and Horses”, showing strong determination and a particular love and enthusiasm for underground ambient sound.

“Of The Spirit Of The Space” is GIMU’s most recent development and it’s an outstanding oeuvre that exhibit nearly an hour of planetarium tunes fusing both ambient textures and mod-classical ambient sound in the light of forming something extremely deep and profound. Few weeks ago we wrote a short piece on movement 5 of the album ‘In A Frenzy’ which was released as a teaser giving us a clear head’s up of what to expect from the album. ‘In A Frenzy’ as I recall, retains a massive and intense vibration with a straight-forward emotional impact. It’s a short but concrete journey for listeners to tag along Gimu’s interpretation of the cosmos and life itself.

And now that we encounter the album in its entirety, I am confident to reveal and to confirm that Gimu’s vivid imagination and sound interpretation goes far beyond the horizon and way above the bluest sky. The most intriguing part of the album is that each song on this latest release resonates with its own intensity while creating a specific theme in listener’s mind. In attribution with a variety of elements spanning across harmony and dissonance, tension and contrast, textures and melody listeners will also notice that some arrangements are indeed more frequent than others, but all together it is hyper-safe to say that “Of The Spirit, Of The Space” is definitely meant to be a continuous one hour listen.

Gimu’s sonic exploration and musical motif is crystal clear, ambient-drone fans will get it from the very first listen itself. And although to a certain extent, one would agree that Gimu’s overall sounding do hold a certain pattern to it, but there is also a technical depth that I really like about “Of The Spirit, Of The Space”, the flow of the album is utterly brilliant and there’s a great feel to the album. As dark and as abstract is the tune, it can get quite meditative at times, but equally convenient and attainable with just the right contrasts at all times. And that alone makes the listen hyper-enjoyable.

‘Of The Spirit, Of The Space’ sees Gimu’s ability to finding common grounds between the dusty old-school drone and modern-ambient technique aiming to project an apocalyptic air that shape and reshape itself upon each listen. And while a big part of the thrill relies heavily upon cosmic and spatial concept listeners can also find comfort in simplicity, charm and serenity generally found in rural areas or dive in the deep blue sea. This, for a fact is almost inevitable as listeners are bind to ebb and flow within dimensions.

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GIMU - Of The Spirit, Of The Space 2015

Artist – Gimu
Album – Of The Spirit, Of The Space [ * * * * * * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015 [ AUGUST 24th ]
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Experimental, Drone, Minimal, Post-rock [ EPIC ]


1. Hidden In Darkness 09:08
2. Some Seconds Into The Past
3. Never Seen Never Known
4. Photosensitive
5. In A Frenzy 06:41
6. Trickling Thru’ The Clouds
7. Hidden In Light
GIMU – Of The Spirit, Of The Space

UAE Footer

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Slow Meadow

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Slow Meadow Profile

Slow Meadow started when Matt Kidd befriended Marc Byrd of Hammock. Matt went to Marc presenting his post-rock project, Aural Method, for creative advice, critique, and artistic support. The two spent many hours discussing music, art, religion, philosophy. Having similar backgrounds in a few of these subjects, they decided to informally sit and record for a couple of days to see what would come.


released 21 August 2015

Slow Meadow is Matt Kidd.
All music written,
arranged, recorded and mixed by him.

Additional arranging: Aimee Norris
Cello: Aimee Norris
Violins: Andy Shelton, Joshua Ello, Alia Gonzales
Trumpet: Joshua Sebren
Additional Vocals: Hannah Anderson | Mastering: Taylor Deupree at 12k

Meditative music from ambient artist, Matt Kidd. Matt uses guitar, piano, and synthesizers to compose minimalistic changes and arranges strings throughout each work. The songs weave in and out of substantial neoclassical “pop” arrangements to whimsical textural soundscapes. A mixture of obsessive planning and instinctive improv, Slow Meadow is the foreground and background of thought provoking leisure.

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Slow Meadow - Slow Meadow

Artist – Slow Meadow
Album – Slow Meadow [ * * * * * * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Contemporary-classic [ EXQUISITE ]


01. Linen Garden Part 1 (Featuring Hammock) 06:47
02. A Distant Glow… 04:13
03. …On a Bed of Green Blades 03:11
04. A Farewell Sonata 07:42
05. Crown of Amber Canopy 05:56
06. Grey Cloud Lullaby 04:34
07. Blue Rose on a Windowsill 05:30
08. Summer Vigil 03:47
09. Every Mournful Breath 07:02
10. The Grandeur… 06:53 video | 11. Linen Garden Part 2 (Featuring Hammock) 06:24
Slow Meadow – Slow Meadow

Slow Meadow

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We are No Real Pioneers

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No Real Pioneers Profile

Three friends with benefits playing wild in the studio, We are No Real Pioneers are is a screamo band originally formed in 2011 and revived in 2013 with a new drummer. Members of [ We are No Real Pioneers ] include the following

Gabrielius Baranauskas – Guitar/Vocals
Karolis Juškauskas – Bass | Lukas Jankauskas – Drums

Every Inch is a Hope

Released 06 July 2015

Recorded at YMIR Audio
Music by No Real Pioneers
Audio by Snorre Bergerud
Drum tuning by Sindre Skeie

Artwork by Kristina Valavičiūtė
Header photo by Gediminas Bartuška /

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No Real Pioneers - Every Inch is a Hope

Artist – We are No Real Pioneers
Album – Every Inch is a Hope [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Post-rock, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Screamo [ LOUD AND GOOD ]


1. Remember 04:13
2. Not The Day To Fall 03:50
We are No Real Pioneers – Every Inch is a Hope


No Real Pioneers - DEMO

Artist – We are No Real Pioneers
Album – DEMO [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2014
Genre – Post-rock, Post-metal, Post-hardcore, Screamo [ LOUD AND GOOD ]


1. Intro 02:33
2. Praise The Future 02:22
3. The End 03:25 | 4. Trilogy 09:13
We are No Real Pioneers – DEMO

No Real Pioneers

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El Ten Eleven

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El Ten Eleven Profile

El Ten Eleven, formed in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, are a 2-man post-rock team consisting of Kristian Dunn (bass guitar/composition) and Tim Fogarty (drums). The pair came together in 2002 and have been releasing music since 2004 which saw their debut, self-titled album on the cleverly titled Fake Record Label. Since their debut, the duo has released five full length albums to date, a remix album, and an EP.


Tim Fogarty
(drums and electronic drums)
Kristian Dunn
(bass/guitar double neck, old school six string bass & fretless bass)


Released AUG 21st 2015

Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo
Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo

Video Credits
Director: Matt Day
Audio Engineer: Dave DeCristo
Producers: Alex Lalli, Dave DeCristo, Matt Day | Cameras: Matt Day, Adrian Rowlandy

2015 will see their sixth studio release, titled Fast Forward. Focusing on groove, rhythm, and texture, the guys manage to create evolving soundscapes full of arpeggiated guitar layers, intricate yet subtle melodies, and poly-rhythmic parts that seem to move in and out between each other like a woven fabric. The labyrinth of stringed parts are accompanied by Fogarty’s driving drum patterns that range in texture from entirely acoustic to entirely electronic, often ending up with a unique hybrid of both. The guys came to Signal Kitchen to share a piece of their artistry and we managed to capture some great footage of the show along with audio of their entire live set. Enjoy.

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El Ten Eleven - Fast Forward

Artist – El Ten Eleven
Album – Fast Forward
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Ambient, Electro, Instrumental, Post-rock, Math-rock [ EXCELLENT ]


1 Point Breeze
2 Scott Township
3 Battle Aves
4 We Lost a Giant
5 Fast Forward
6 Peter and Jack
7 Be Kind, Rewind
8 Three Sides of a Coin | 9 JD
El Ten Eleven – Fast Forward

Artist – El Ten Eleven
Album – Transitions
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Instrumental, Math-rock, Post-rock [ GO GET IT ]


01. Transitions
02. Thanks Bill
03. Yellow Bridges
04. No One Died This Time!
05. Birth
06. Tiger Tiger
07. Lullaby
El Ten Eleven – Transitions

Artist – El Ten Eleven
Album – It’s Still Like A Secret
Release Date – 2010
Genre – Instrumental, Math-rock, Post-rock


01 Ya No
02 The Sycophants Are Coming!  The S
03 Indian Winter
04 Falling
05 Triangle Face
06 Ian Mackaye Was Right
07 Marriage Is The New Going Steady
08 Cease And Persist
09 Anxiety Is Cheap
10 Settling With Power
11 83
12 Tomorrow Is An Excuse For Today
El Ten Eleven – It’s Still Like A Secret
El Ten Eleven

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