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A Shelter In The Desert

July 27th, 2015 / Comments Off on A Shelter In The Desert / by Mog/

A Shelter In The Desert Profile

A Shelter in the Desert is the result of a search for sound, a look and a feeling at the same time. The evolution of a project to experiment with unusual items, which led to the creation of unique melodies, dramatic melodies, sweet melodies and an explosion of sounds. Based in Mexico, the 5 piece band follow the well known and well loved standards within the Post Rock scene. Crescendos blended with delicate melodies, breaking free from the usual limits of popular music, mixing classical notes with progressive sounds, they excel at conjuring up soundscapes that allow listeners to immerse themselves in the sonar world.


Erick Fryman – Piano, Synth
Declan Berdella – Guitars
Oscar Rodríguez – Guitars
Alex Rodríguez – Drums | Anwar Rodríguez – Bass

Pequeñas Hiroshimas

Released 21 July 2015
Music By A Shelter In The Desert
Album Artwork by – Abraham Colín ‘Yntesk’

Heidy Cázares (Indie-C Radio) – Five songs and each one of them sentenced me to explode, breathe and bloom, inflect myself in first and last person, in singular and plural, infinitive and infinite present: I am that song and each one of my chords begins when the sun inside me (cloudy at times) illuminates my eyes by only watching and feeling alive that song that reminds me of myself and only me. Me, who bursts, me who is my memories and becomes a postcard and a disharmonic harmony.

The songs I am now (in this effective and tangible past), made me explode, or more properly said, contributed to have me burst in 5 love letters; 5 postcards written to each one of the sides where the soul wants to pour light, color and freshness, never neglecting those who are not awaken yet, those who still hurt for their absence, because somebody stole them from us and kept them in ripped pockets so they can also burst, not in failed smiles but in the soil…

Otra explosión se avecina (another explosion ahead) // Running against time, the journey becomes an eternal postcard and almost indecipherable despite its cartography. There are poems that know nothing about words… There are silences that stop being poetry when a clear piano starts the sailing while the drumming joins in, the strings, the bass: a game of seduction, of dare, serenity, remembrance, of that which (not unlike love) starts with stealth and culminates with endings never before thought. Another explosion ahead: one with the willing soul that waters with strong tears the soul that shall someday bring, again, more flowers…

La vida no tiene cura (life has no cure) // Life has no cure. Clouds are filled with blue, lost years, and that becomes a tale that hibernates in what we know is a paradise gagged by yearning. Tears go outside for a walk but must be back home before the rain and they lose their way; before they mimic and drown in puddles that almost always fade… “This is a deranged lullaby, but it is mine” and has a beginning where everything, even love, is an invention and a game where no one ever forgets anything; even Hiroshima and those little postcards that still explode inside our eyes and guts.

Y dormir, por primera vez, con el alma al lado (And sleep, for the first time, with the soul on the side) // Furtiveness and boldness. Luminous powder and will, half the way with suggestions of waiting, amazement and pleading for the nights to last longer (just like Penelope pleaded Atenea at the return of Ulises to Itaca), while the echo of a sound piece keeps us company and becomes a magnificent fountain where colored fishes illuminate the moon itself, drawing spirals, craving to be given a lullaby, to sleep, for the first time, with the soul on the side.

Todo podrá estallar, pero siempre habrá una adelfa que nacerá de entre los escombros (Everything might burst, but there will always be an oleander blooming among debris). // Salty watering eyes. And with all its possible combinations another postcard turns me in introspection: just as the sleep of ageless that quells the colorless, the tasteless; giving it an autonomous spirit, almost like fireworks in the eyes making the heart tremble to remind the fugitive smile that everything might burst, but there will always be an oleander blooming among debris. Just that, fireworks, blue and pink and white lights, where iridescence is the threshold of sound.

Healer // And I breath, at last… I gathered from the floor every little piece of me and, before I glue them together, I caressed them and with a smile made the promise they would heal…Healer, then and from then, became a promise, not from emptiness but from that which fills the heart with memories of what has not happened yet, but surely will. Healer is, therefore, the synthesis of an entrust for the performers, who heal with every note. Healer became a postcard of chance and coincidence, of an engagement with the soul.

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A Shelter In The Desert - Pequeñas Hiroshimas

Artist – A Shelter In The Desert
Album – Pequeñas Hiroshimas [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Instrumental Post-rock, Post-metal [ POST OF THE DAY ]


1. Otra explosión se avecina 06:50
2. La vida no tiene cura 06:49
3. Y dormir, por primera vez, con el alma al lado 07:31
4. Todo podrá estallar, pero siempre… 08:52 | 5. Healer 06:33
A Shelter In The Desert – Pequeñas Hiroshimas

A Shelter In The Desert - Maze Of Memories

Artist – A Shelter In The Desert
Album – Maze Of Memories [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Instrumental Post-rock, Post-metal [ LOVE IT ]


1. It’s Raining 10:11
2. Frustration, Rage, Freedom 09:50
3. Hard Times 08:34
4. Requiem For a Love 09:29 | 5. The Other Side Of The Road 08:28
BANDCAMP A Shelter In The Desert – Maze Of Memories
OXIDE-TONES A Shelter In The Desert – Maze Of Memories

A Shelter In The Desert

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Tiny Fingers

July 27th, 2015 / Comments Off on Tiny Fingers / by Mog/

Tiny Fingers Profile

Israel outfit [ Tiny Fingers ] combine post-rock, live electronics, dubstep, psychedelic and groove, forming a powerful, super-intensive musical mix. The band put out its fifth release title [ THE FALL ] and its a super blend of various elements coming together with a straight focus on electronic and post-rock while older releases covers psychedelic and lo-end industrial ground. All [ Tiny Fingers ] titles are available on BandCamp at a fix price while streaming are unlimited. On this one I’ll say start with the LATEST release “The Fall” followed by the EARLIEST title “Massive Fingers Spacetrip”.


Oren Ben David- Guitar
Boaz Bentur- Bass
Nimrod Bar- Keys and Synths
Tal Cohen- Drums
Words unspoken – Daniella Tourgeman
Flute on Music For The Sun – Hagar Shahal


2015 – The Fall
2013 – We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher
2012 – Megafauna
2011 – Foreign Telegrams | 2011 – Massive Fingers Spacetrip


Released 21 July 2015

All music written, arranged and performed by TINY FINGERS.
Produced by TINY FINGERS.
This album was recorded in summer 2014 at Anova Studio.
Recorded and mixed by Adir “The Doctor” Dadia.
recording engineer and editing: Eran “Hatsil” Alpern
Mastering by Paul Gold | Graphics by Yotam Kellner | Management: Asaf Ben David.

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Tiny Fingers - The Fall

Artist – Tiny Fingers
Album – The Fall [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Instrumental, Electro’, Post-rock, Psychedelic [ AWESOME ]


1. The Fall 04:03
2. Eyes of Gold 02:47
3. Traveller Soul 02:36
4. Deuteronomy 05:59
5. Drops 07:31
6. The Other 02:24
7. Nine of Swords 05:22
8. Dispatcher 07:41 | 9. Music For The Sun 08:18
Tiny Fingers – The Fall


Tiny Fingers - We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher

Artist – Tiny Fingers
Album – We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Instrumental, Electro’, Psychedelic, Lo-end Industrial [ AWESOME ]


1. Space slavery 05:41
2. The UV manifesto 02:06
3. Bushdog 02:24
4. Inphasing 03:14
5. Madrugada 05:17
6. Moving Q’s 02:28
7. 1965 02:08
8. Dispatcher 03:15 | 9. Paz light 01:51
Tiny Fingers – We Are Being Held By The Dispatcher


Tiny Fingers - Megafauna

Artist – Tiny Fingers
Album – Megafauna [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2012
Genre – Instrumental, Electro’, Post-rock, Psychedelic [ AWESOME ]


1. Intro 01:42
2. Demands 06:49
3. The reduction wheel 06:29
4. Preloader 05:40
5. Pasadena matador 02:29
6. Money-time 05:29
7. Cyclamens 07:03
8. El dorados 04:59 | 9. Outro 00:37
Tiny Fingers – Megafauna


Tiny Fingers - Foreign Telegrams

Artist – Tiny Fingers
Album – Foreign Telegrams [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Instrumental, Electro’, Post-rock, Psychedelic [ AWESOME ]


1. Blaze 03:54
2. Youth Fraction 05:15
3. Transformers 06:03
4. Horizonchild 01:28
5. Manushka 04:45
6. Manushka II 03:58
7. Odd Nature 01:52
8. The Gold Rush 04:22
Tiny Fingers – Foreign Telegrams


Tiny Fingers - Massive Fingers Spacetrip

Artist – Tiny Fingers
Album – Massive Fingers Spacetrip [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Electro’, Post-rock, Psychedelic, Dark-ambient [ AWESOME ]


1. preloader 04:20
2. The Quilt 05:18
3. Turquoise 04:16
4. Demands 06:57
5. The Foot Technique 05:53
6. Feller Horizon 06:15
7. Wound 04:53 | 8. Cyclamens 07:07
Tiny Fingers – Massive Fingers Spacetrip

Tiny Fingers

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Lunae Lumen

July 24th, 2015 / Comments Off on Lunae Lumen / by Mog/

Lunae Lumen Profile

Lunae Lumen is an ambient/contemporary classical solo project created by Martha Otero, a 25 year old pianist from Zacatecas, Mexico. She writes emotional and melancholic songs with atmospheres that remind us of artists like Max Richter at times. Her main musical influences involve film scores, contemporary classical and post-rock. Her new EP “The Words Unsaid” was released on march 21. She’s currently working on new projects that involve film scoring, collaborations and the addition of theremin to her music.

By – Lunae Lumen

Released 21 March 2015
Mastered by Martyn Heyne
@ Lichte Studio in Berlin
Viola tracks recorded
by Johannes Nonn
from the postrock project TrucitatE
Composed and recorded by [ Martha Otero ]
[ CUT COMMON REVIEW ] New Generation Of Classical Music

Mexican outfit [ Lunae Lumen ] piano skills leaves contemporary-classic / Mod-classical fans breathless with its second effort “The Words Unsaid”. [ Lunae Lumen ] also known as Martha Otero a young and vibrant pianist from Zacatecas, Mexico returns after nearly 4 years with yet another successful attempt in crafting an astounding set of movements with her latest EP. While critics offers brilliant praises on Martha’s releases, let it be “Catch-22” Demo, released while back in September 2011 or the newest EP “The Words Unsaid” for that matter, Martha’s focus is aimed directly at crushingly plaintive piano / viola melodies and subtle/organic textures with an emphasis on delicate sound and fragile tunes that reminds you of a cold winter, being wrapped up with a thick blanket sitting by the fire place in a warm and cozy atmospheres while its -4 degrees outside.

But that’s not the best part though, what’s even greater about “The Words Unsaid” is that the EP, in its quarter an hour mark, tend to take listeners all the way back to classical root. And although I have to admit that “The Words Unsaid” is not typically classical music’s but more of a derivative of classical tunes, bagged with mod-classical / contemporary-classic outfits, the sound in its perfect fluidity make listeners think of the whole concept of classical aliases dated decades and centuries ago. Piano, being the core musical instrument employed predominantly in classical atmospheres for solo acts and ensemble performances, its versatility and ubiquity have made it one of the world’s most familiar musical instruments which hold the unique power to dwell between joyful state and melancholy sadness (tristesse).

The Italian musical terms piano and forte indicate “soft” and “loud” respectively in this context referring to the variations in volume produced in response to a pianist’s touch on the keys: the greater the velocity of a key press, the greater the force of the hammer hitting the strings, and the louder the sound of the note produced. That in mind, the adaptation of Martha in general is particularly soft in most cases thus driving her listeners more towards a nostalgic ground which causes one to re-live unforgettable moments that’s been filed at the back of the brain and which in many instances are unattainable if it’s not for the sound and the vibrations portrait by the composer.

In a nutshell, this new EP is relatively a short play and I don’t know if this is a trend Martha tend to follow considering the previous demo “Catch-22” which ticks around 7 minutes in total duration but if that’s the case then I would say bad approach because the music is undoubtedly brilliant and leaves us, listeners craving for more. The room for exploration is there and Martha could very well adapt this to her advantage. That in mind… bottom line is, whether or not you’ll enjoy this new release depend entirely on your reaction to piano driven music as a whole. If you ask me, personally piano is one of my favourite musical instruments. TSS readers as well as followers can confirm that, whenever I come across a new moniker with piano being the core foundation of the sound, I simply go overboard on the praising side. But that’s not just because I am indeed a major piano fan though. In many cases piano sound always have a tendency to draw me to a point where I found myself waiting for something and even though I am not completely aware of what I am waiting for exactly, I simply feel the need to hang there in the hope of finding that something through the sound and to conclude [ Lunae Lumen ] once again has cornered me to that specific spot. I sincerely hope to hear a full length album from [ Lunae Lumen ] real soon.

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Lunae Lumen - The Words Unsaid

Artist – Lunae Lumen
Album – The Words Unsaid [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Experimental, Contemporary-classic, Piano, Mod-classical [ EXQUISITE ]


1. The Words Unsaid 02:19
2. The Places You Will Never See 02:20
3. Abismos de Océanos y Firmamento 02:34
4. Eclipse 04:01 | 5. The Ghosts In Your Heart 03:09
Lunae Lumen – The Words Unsaid


Lunae Lumen - Catch​-​22 (Demo)

Artist – Lunae Lumen
Album – Catch​-​22 (Demo) [ * * * * * ]
Release Date – 2011
Genre – Ambient, Instrumental, Experimental, Contemporary-classic, Piano, Mod-classical [ EXQUISITE ]


1. Everything 01:36
2. Forget 04:10
3. The Places You Will Never See 02:12 | 4. Rain 01:39
Lunae Lumen – Catch​-​22 (Demo)

Lunae Lumen

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July 24th, 2015 / Comments Off on Drowse / by Mog/

Drowse Profile

Drowse is the musical pseudonym of Kyle Bates, a Portland, OR based musician who has spent time in various noise rock and metal bands. drowse crafts introverted, cloud covered songscapes inspired by a diverse range of artists such as Duster, Mount Eerie, Slowdive, Weakling, Oneohtrix Point Never and Grouper. drowse released his narcotic debut EP songs to sleep on in December 2013 with a sound celebrating dark music of all forms. songs to sleep on was accompanied by a graphic memoir titled A Little Pink Pill… detailing Bates’ near-suicide and subsequent year of medication.

Soon asleep acts as the next development in drowse’ short life. Placing a greater focus on songwriting, the album translates the woozy effects of prescription drugs into sound. The recordings capture processed guitars and synthesizers swallowing each other, detuned, fading drums, wolves, bottles and kids vying for auditory space and Bates’ voice (amongst others) suspended atop it all, whispering into your ear. The haze is alive and it wants to overtake you.

Soon asleep addresses themes of self-imposed seclusion, absurd rumination and the spaces in between dreams and life. The album is accompanied by a short memoir titled Mnemonic which expands the narrative initiated in A Little Pink Pill…, but does not serve as its conclusion. Bates’ textual work exists as another wormhole into the nightmarish yet lucid realm from where drowse’s sonic reflections prevail, swarm, and overtake.

By – Drowse

Released 09 June 2015

Written & Recorded by Kyle Bates
from late May 2014 to early March 2015
in a closet room and a moldy basement in NE Portland
Tuesday Faust sang on “Melt” and “Awake”
Alec van Staveren played bass on “Something”
The wolves on “Melt” live in the forests
around Squamish, BC and were recorded by Bella Tsefalas
Mastering handled by Parker Johnson
Pill Bottles, Hand and Mnemonic photographs by Alec van Staveren.
Squamish photograph by Olivia Tsefalas.
Drowse photograph by Dani Ransom. | Design and layout by Daniel Schultz

There are a number of good things about the latest album “Soon Asleep” by [ Drowse ] that get my adrenaline pumping. To start, I like the fact that the sound / genre the band emphasizes so ironically fits the name of the band. Predominantly tagged as Shoegaze, a specific genre most commonly known for its intense distortion and wall of sound coupled with lethargic vocals that drive listeners to a dreamy state and Drone, a monophonic effect flowing in waves while accompanied by a tone / tune or chord that persistently sounds and echoes throughout an entire piece. This is the way [ Drowse ] approaches music. Somehow this release reminds me of how fun and easy it is for independent artists to release albums through a platforms such as BandCamp, SoundCloud etc and makes it available to the entire world in just few clicks. Needles to say it is artists like [ Drowse ] that truly restore my faith in independent music.

Moving on, although [ Drowse ] (the solo project of Kyle Bates) is probably most intently associated with distinguished noise-walls of fuzzy atmospheres and otherworldly hums, the project’s sound has adopted many varieties over the project’s 2 years of activity, from the mesmerizing raw noise of 2013’s “Songs To Sleep On” to the tuneful harshness of 2015’s “Soon Asleep” Bate’s obscureness relies heavily on a unique, incomprehensible pattern. A rare noise and an obscure darkness are usually assembled upon earthy instrumentation, while hums and understated vocals are present that give a sense of emotional closeness.

What’s really bugging me here is the fact that I have listened to this new album on multiple occasions and it’s a brilliant release but there is still something in its catchy complexity and tense atmosphere that’s yet to be discovered. Every time I give it a thorough listen I come up with a different musical perception. It’s typically the kind of sound that differs drastically from listeners to listener. While one listener may project a certain kind of emotion other listeners are bound to reflect or express something utterly different. To sum it up the core foundation of this new album is Epic, Hypnotic, Searching, Longing, Sugary, Dreamy, Enigmatic, Melancholy, Reflective, Sensual, Spacey, Sprawling, Wistful and needless to say Druggy and Lethargic. Give it a listen or two and what you read here will most certainly make more sense. No doubt about that, so check it out guys. “Soon Asleep” by [ Drowse ] is available on BandCamp for free/ Name Your Price.


[ Noisey Vice ]
[ Portland Mercury ]
[ Media Detour ]
[ ExileDineugene ]
[ Sounds Better With Reverb ]
[ Fecking Deadly ]
[ Hey Mouser ] | [ SSG Music ] | [ American Aftermath ]

Here I would like to thank people and things directly involved in the content of soon asleep, Mnemonic and drowse as a project (if we are or have ever been close thank you for being in my life, you know who you are): Parker Johnson (Italics), Alec van Staveren, Kevin Gwozdz (Desert of Hiatus) and Taylor Malsey (Taylor M.) for helping me bring this music to life—my mother, father and sister—Tuesday Faust for your beautiful voice—Daniel Schultz for being intensely supportive and releasing this—Bella Tsefalas—my journal—Victoria Ayers and Cooper Campbell for the video work—Dani Ransom for turning your lens on me—Rachele Mosley—Kristina Esfandiari, Thom Wasluck, Iphigenia Gras, Nicole Colbath and Lane Oliver for convincing me that this project is worth continuing—Olivia Tsefalas for the perfect photograph—Alana Schachtel—Nate Sonenfeld—Gato Negro—Clonazepam—dreams—Mat Miller for releasing songs to sleep on—Phil Elvrum for casting a shadow—sadness—everybody involved with Oligopolist—anything and everybody I have forgotten. Isn’t memory strange?

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Drowse - Soon Asleep

Artist – Drowse
Album – Soon Asleep
Release Date – 2015
Genre – Ambient, Dark-ambient, Experimental, Noise, Shoegaze [ BRILLIANT ]


1. melt 05:30
2. meaning 04:08
3. (you) 03:53
4. awake 05:54
5. something 05:46
6. returning 04:06
Drowse – Soon Asleep


Drowse - Songs To Sleep On

Artist – Drowse
Album – Songs To Sleep On
Release Date – 2013
Genre – Ambient, Dark-ambient, Experimental, Noise, Shoegaze [ BRILLIANT ]


1. leaving 05:00
2. needing 03:03
3. waiting 05:34
Drowse – Songs To Sleep On


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Rádio Etiópia – A Mad Men In The Rain

July 24th, 2015 / Comments Off on Rádio Etiópia – A Mad Men In The Rain / by Mog/

By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen and to Their Late Majesties King George VI, King Edward VII, King William IV, King George V, Queen Victoria, King George IV and to His Late Royal Higness The Prince of Wales ( 1921-1936)


TONY JUSTERINI and ANATOLY BROOKS are the co-founders of Rádio Etiópia. New episodes are posted every Monday set completed apart from the mainstream line of music.


Intro voice led by Ana Ribeiro


Special Guests:


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01. Intro
02. Ólafur Arnalds – Erla’s waltz
03. Project Skyward – The Alien
04. Rafael Anton Irisarri – “Voigt-Kampf” + Fugue – How the grass…
05. Sparks – Garbo sings
06. Raz Ohara & the Odd Orchestra – Counting days
07. Lupp – Water
08. Motohiro Nakashima – Song before you came + El Heath – Thee wind, thee
09. Ent – No tone
10. All India Radio – Intrigue
11. Whitetree – Drereks garden
12. Spokane – These things
13. Linda Bjalla – The Waves have a story to tell
14. The Brakes – No return
15. Pg Lost – “…”
16. The Doors – Horse latitudes
17. Pertegò – Hjarta
18. Spokane – Singing
19. You Are My Simphonic – Painted lines (the bride)
20. Saffron Slumber – Glass variation
21. Worriedaboutsatan – The last song | 22. The Brakes – Porcupine or pineapple
Total Time: 01.14.12
Photo by Anatoly Brooks (Maputo/Mozambique)
Sultry voice of Radio Etiopia – Ana Ribeiro


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