Ever heard of “rock never dies” phrase? Well, it really does. Just take a look at the raise of new rock band from America; Parquet Courts. They bring rock music with different feels, charging without worrying about the mixed genre slipped in. It seems like there is no boundaries of their rock genre exploration.

The Background
It was 2010 when this band was formed. The original members are Andrew Savage, Fergus and Geronimo, Austin Brown, Sean Yeaton and Max Savage. In charge of vocal and guitar are Andrew Savage and Austin Brown. The drummer is Max Savage and Sean Yeaton is the bassist. The other two members, Fergus and Geronimo departs from the group before it gets to be famous.

Their first album is entitled “American Specialties”. It is doing well in the chart, but not well enough to catch the attention of the fans. It makes the band works harder to explore the style and their own color of rock music. In 2012, they release the second album “Light Up Gold” which catch the attention of many indie band magazines.

Wide Awake!
The gold year for the whole Parquet Courts career is definitely in 2018. Their album “Wide Awake” has sweet selling rates right after it was released to the market. This is without doubt the best album of the band. Everything about the songs, lyrics, composition, even the music video are in sync. Thanks to the friendly and well known director, Danger Mouse, they get extra hands to bring their music to perfection.

Six years is not a long time to gain fame, especially as a rock band. Although this genre has its own fans, not every band could gain mass as fast as Parquet Courts does. Probably one of the determining factor is the endless exploration of the music.