New track "Wasteland" by Nymphya

2018-08-03 04:37:35 UTC

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California-based NYMPHYA is an Ethereal Baroque Pop / Folktronica Art-Pop recording artist/producer whose music is lightly suffused with Worldbeat, Opera and Avant-garde; some say where Stevie Nicks meets Kate Bush at the Otherworld sorceress’ soiree.

Nymphya’s alchemical Art-Pop style is best described as a stirring collage of eclectic beats, soaring vocals, haunting soundscapes, and captivating samples that accompany insightful lyrics meant to take you on a journey inward. She just released her debut concept album Dream Dance, which garnered enthusiastic reviews from an international audience.

Professional opera singer Valentina O is the eclectic and multifaceted songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and producer behind Nymphya. After a personal tragedy in 2006 when her fiancé, record producer Keith Keller, suddenly died, Valentina struggled to bring herself back to life from her crippling grief through music and spiritual practice. Using what Keith taught her, Valentina built her own recording studio in 2011 and began producing and recording Dream Dance as a tribute to him.

Up to then, Valentina had appeared throughout the United States as an opera singer, actor and performer, as well as on numerous soundtracks for television, film and commercials (Time/Life Warner, IMAX, and Garfield), and on multiple CD projects for recording artists, including backing up John Cale (The Velvet Underground) on the Tonight Show and appearing on MTV with her group Screaming Divas. It was with Screaming Divas that Valentina also opened for Todd Rundgren at the Fillmore in San Francisco and for George Benson at Villa Montalvo, as well as Dana Carvey at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.

“Wasteland” was the very first song I wrote for this CD, and it holds a very, very special place in my heart for many reasons,” Valentina explains.

“I asked Gentry Bronson to write some lyrics for me to arrange and compose to jump start my recording project. When he presented me with these, I was immediately taken with them. I had had a nearly identical experience of walking in my own wasteland the months following Keith’s death. I remember particularly a vision I had had at that time of me standing, silhouetted against a red, sunset sky, surrounded on all sides, as far as I could see, by smoldering ruins of pure desolation.

But, in that vision, I was also still standing, and it was from that vision that I knew I would survive.”

“I wanted the music to evoke a similar desert wasteland, so as the melody revealed itself to me after I laid down the basic rhythm parts, I knew I also needed to add in some Middle Eastern musical elements. I searched through my library of sounds, and online, and ended up finding some incredible patches. (One of which was gifted to me in a suite of sounds by Iasos, the Greek, New Age musician.)

Genre : triphop

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