If you are a rock lover, you have to listen to this indie band from Utah, America, named Parlor Hawk. Parlor Hawk is a rock indie band which is founded by Andrew Clifford Capener in 2009. Andrew Clifford Capener is a designer which has a passion for rock music.

Parlor Hawk

About Parlor Hawk
Parlor Hawk is an indie band which chooses rock and folk as their music. This band comes from Utah, California. It plays several genres of music, such as alternative rock, folk, baroque pop and rock for  players. Parlor Hawk comes from Utah, California. This band is formed in 2009 and still exists until now. There are five members in this band. They are Andrew Clifford Carpener, Andrew Dyer, Jay Tibbitts, TJ Nokleby, and Mark Garbett.

The Albums
Parlor Hawk has released two albums in 2010 and 2014. In 2010, Parlor Hawk has released the first album, entitled Hoarse and Roaring in the summer season. The album produces by Joshua James and Isaac Russell. Parlor Hawk is mixed by Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, and Todd Burke. It is mastered with the help of Reuben Cohen, Edward Sharpe and Bruno Mars, The Magnetic Zeros. You can hear the performance of Bandon Campbell from Neon Trees and Stuart Maxfield from Fictionist.

Hoarse & Roaring is available in the iTunes Indie Podcast in 2010. This album has won some awards. In 2012, it is featured in the iTunes Spotlight as the Best of 2010 Singer/Songwriter Album for the 2010 Singer/ Songwriter Album category. The music form this album also be no 1 in the Amazon.com free MP3 Album Charts.

It has been downloaded by more than 20.000 people in America. In early of 2011, the band also nominates by The Salt Lake Tribune as the “2011’s Next Emerging Band.” The next award comes from one of the songs in Hoarse & Roaring’s album, which entitled Saddest Song. It won the Best Acoustic Song in the Independent Music Award.

The second album is entitled the same as the name of the band, which is Parlor Hawk. Parlor Hawk album was released on 18 February 2014. This album considers as the most famous on Bandcamp. It is an online music Company in America which founded by Ethan Diamond, Joe Holt, Shwan Grunberger and Neal Tucker. It’s headquarters in California.
Parlor Hawk is an indie band from Utah, California which has released two albums. They are Hoarse & Roaring and Parlor Hawk, This band is quite a successful and become popular rock indie band in America, Parlor Hawk has received many awards for its song, music, and albums.

The Ringards: London’s Very Own Emerging Indie Band

The Ringards: London’s Very Own Emerging Indie Band

In order to be the best, it is better to learn from the best. This principle is embraced by all the members who diligently joined many gigs in France. They had been the supports for popular French band. After receiving the much needed support for their music, the band decided to go back to the homeland and started their own career.

The Music Style
This is a brand new brand, formed back in the end of 2017. The members of this band is Enzo, Freddie, Gary and Koby. The vocalist of the group is Enzo, who also play the guitar. Freddie is another guy who play the guitar, Gary plays the bass and Koby plays the drum. These four people are getting popular after performing in various stages in French.

While listening to their music style, many would agree that the characteristic the band wants to build is rooted to electric guitar sound. In all the songs they have presented until today, each one starts with intense guitar melody, somehow screeching deep enough to send shiver through the listener’s spine. Enzo’s deep voice, the faint bass and slow tempo of the drum somehow could make the melody works well.

The Latest Single
On December 28th, The Ringards dropped their single “Steppenwolf”. It is the name of a cartoon character that will appear on the doom day. Matching to the concept of the title, the song itself gives gothic feels. The bass has stronger touch to highlight the concept while complementing the deep vocal. Th duration is less than three minutes, but the listener would be brought to a different experience of indie band music.

The strength of indie music is the unpredictable pattern of the music and lyrics. It could go to any direction, as long as the band stay within the genre boundary. This is what The Ringards tries to aim in every album. Be ready to be their fan!

London Grammar, English Indie Pop Band
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London Grammar, English Indie Pop Band

London Grammar is not some sort of new language rules that you need to learn, but it is a great indie band from Britain. This indie band recently gains its popularity through their amazing songs. As they gained more popularity, lots of people get more curious about them.

– Formed in 2009
This indie band has been around for almost 10 years, but their music has been acknowledged recently. The vocalist of the band, Hannah Reid, firstly met the guitarist, Dan Rothman, in Nottingham University. Both of them agreed to form a band and the last band member, Dominic ‘Dot’ Major joined the band later. They formed the band in 2009, but they began to concentrate on music in 2011.

– Has Great Achievements
The band received great attention from people in 2012 when they posted their song entitled ‘Hey Now’ on their YouTube. They continued to create their music and their first album ‘If You Wait’ in 2013. The songs in this album placed the second in various charts. Not only in the UK, but the songs have also gained the place in the Australian Albums Chart, the French Albums Chart, the Irish Albums Chart, and the New Zealand Albums Chart.

London Grammar, English Indie Pop Band

Not only gaining the place in various charts, but the songs also won different kinds of awards, such as Ivor Novello Award and AIM Independent Music Awards. The songs in this album are also used in different kinds of advertisements and soundtracks. Their career skyrocketed and they created their second album in 2017. This album also follows the success of the first album and they become more popular.

London Grammar has its own ‘grammar’ in expressing their music. The distinct voice of the vocalist will sway your feet away and lets you go deeper to enjoy the meaning of the songs. Once you listen to the songs, you will fall in love with them instantly.

American Indie Band: Bright Eyes
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American Indie Band: Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is another American indie band which takes rock genre. This rock indie band is founded by Conor Oberst. Bright Eyes consists of three people which play multi instruments in their indie band.

– About Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes comes from Omaha, Nebraska, America. It takes indie folk, emo, rock and indie rock as the music genres. There are three people in Bright Eyes. They are Conor Oberst, Nate Walcott, and Mike Mogis. Each member of Bright Eyes plays multi instruments in their band. Conor Oberst plays guitar, keyboards, guitar, bass and leads vocally. Nate Walcott plays the piano, trumpet, organ, and accordion. Mike Mogis plays mandolin, banjo, guitar and pedal guitar.

– The Albums
The first album is A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997 which was released in 1998. The second album is Letting Off the Happiness which was released in 1998. The third album is Fevers and Mirror. It was released in 2000. The fourth album is Lifted of The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground. It was released in 2002. In the same year, the fifth album was released with the title A Christmas Album. The sixth album is I’m Wide Awake, its Morning which was released in 2005. The seventh album is Digital Ash in a Digital Urn which was released in 2005. The next album is Cassadaga which was released in 2007. The ninth album is The People’s Key. It was released in 2011.

– The Members
As that mentioned, Bright Eyes consists of three people as its members. They are Conor Oberst, Nate Walcott, and Mike Mogis. Oberst has a complete name as Conor Mullen Oberst. He is a songwriter and singer. Besides Bright Eyes, Oberst also played in other bands, such as Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band, Monsters of Folk, Park Ave, Commander Venus, Desaparecidos, and The Faint.

Mike Mogis is an engineer, producer and played several instruments in the band. Mogis also conducts a recording company in Omaha. It named Another Recording Company or ARC. Nate Walcott was born on 6 March 1978. He is a music composer, instrumentalist which played several instruments and arranger. He also took part in Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band.

Bright Eyes is an American indie band which takes a rock as their music genre. Bright Eyes has released nine albums so far. The members are multi-instrumentalists who have more roles in the music industry.

The Alabama Rock Indie Band: El Cantador
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The Alabama Rock Indie Band: El Cantador

Music is a universal language that can unite people from diversity. As we know, how hard it is to try joining to big label Music Company makes some bands born as the indie bands to pursue their dream and passion for music. Just like this rock indie bands, El Cantador. El Cantador is an American rock band which originally comes from Mobile, Alabama. El Cantador is formed in 2017.

– About El Cantador
El Cantador is an indie band which takes a rock as the root for their music. They play varus genres of rock music, such as folk, dance rock, and experimental rock. The band consists of three members. They are Heath Underwood, Sean Murphy, and Alex Scharr. Heath Underwood acts as the vocal leader and guitar player. Sean Murphy plays drum and percussion. He is also acted as the backing vocalist. Alex Scharr is a bassist, synthesizers and backing vocalist.

El Cantador has released some extended play records, such as Orange EP in 20017 and Fools for Light in 2011. The album, Fools for Light was released again to the market with the collaboration of Mod Mobilian Records as the recording partner. El Cantador has signed his records with Mod Mobilian Records on 26 February 2013.

– The Music Journey
El Cantador starts its journey in 2007. It starts to play the folk genre which has influenced with ballads. As the result the EP, entitled Orange is launched in 2007. El Cantador continues its music by trying to insert American rock into its music and launched an EP, which named The Ground in 2008.

Later on, the music has increased and developed into progressive arrangement combined with upbeat and dynamic composition. The members start to wide its exploration in rock music by trying the new instrument and find some idea until the album Fools for Light is released in 2011.

The Fools for Light is released by the El Cantandor himself under the Friends Fight Records. For the next step, El Cantador has collaborated and signed This is American Music Music Label and Mod Mobilian Records to re-release their album, entitled Fools for Light and Translation Wave. EL Cantador often composes songs represents the passion in life and social issue that often faced by the people in the society.

El Cantador is an indie rock band which originally comes from Mobile, Alabama. This indie rock band consists of three members. They are Heath Underwood, Sean Murphy, and Alex Scharr. EL Cantador has released some EPs, singles, and albums.

The Rising Star: The xx
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The Rising Star: The xx

If you are a fan of pop songs and want to hear a different pop genre, you should listen to an indie pop band, called The xx. The xx is an indie pop which coming from Wandsworth, London. The xx inserts various instruments for their music, such as echoed guitar, electronic beats, soundscape, and bass.

About The xx
The xx comes from Wandsworth, London, England. It takes pop, R&B, and electro for their root. It was established in 2005 until the present. It has three active members. They are Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, and Jamie Smith. Baria Qureshi was used to be the member of The xx but he no longer joins in this indie band.

Romy Madley Croft is the main vocalist and guitarist. Oliver Sim serves as the vocalist and bassist. The third member, Jamie Smith or also known as Jamie xx handles beats, record production, and MPC. The xx signed with Young Turks and XL as their music label.

How does The xx form?
The xx started in the Elliott School. All the members, including the former member, was studied at the same school, which is Elliott School. That’s how the band was formed. Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim were studied in the same years in Elliott School. Then, Baria Qureshi came at the same time in that year. A year later, Jamie Smith joined in the same school and the story began. These talented young men started to make a demo for their band and posted it on the Myspace and. Soon, the music demo grabbed the attention of Young Turks music label.

The Albums
With the help of Young Turks and Rodaidh McDonald as the music producer, their first album is released in 2009. The album is a hit and reached the UK Album Charts as. It topped the chart in the third position. It topped in the first position in the Guardian’s. The album also won the Mercury Prize in 2010.

The second album was released on September 5, 2012, which entitled Coexist. This album also became a hit and got positive feedbacks. It topped in the first position in UK and fifth position on Billboard. The third album, which is titled “I See You” was released on January 13, 2017. This third album also topped in Billboard 200 in the second position.

The xx is an England indie band which focuses in pop, R&B, and electro as their music. So far, the x has released three albums and all the albums were a huge success which topped famous music chart in the world.

The Aces: Girls Who Conquer The Indie Band
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The Aces: Girls Who Conquer The Indie Band

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “girl band”? Probably a bunch of slim ladies who could dance and sing well? This definition doesn’t apply for the muses from The Aces. They are fun, eccentric girls who bring the refreshing breeze to pop music. No dancing involved, only a great stage presence and excellent crowd controlling.

Best Friends Turns Into A Band
It should have taken a lot of effort to build a solid band that will last for years. For The Aces, two of the main members, Cristal and Alisa were interested in music making as a third grader. They are siblings who love to sing and have high interest in guitar and drum. As a child, they often sneaked into the big brother room to borrow guitar or to the neighbor’s garage to beat the drum.

One Christmas night, both of them ask their school mate, McKenna Petty to play the bass to balance their melody. It was fun as Petty had no idea how to play the bass. Three little ladies figured things out by themselves. From that day on, they built good reputation in their hometown, a small town in Utah.

Lorde’s Effect
Things went even better after they met Katie who add funky guitar tempo. Unlike three others, Katie got some skills in music. The band wouldn’t be exist if Lorde didn’t win the Grammy Awards. These four ladies are in dilemma; should The Aces disband or continue professionally? After seeing that an 18 years old could live the dream, they decided they also do. They contact Lorde’s manager and sign contract with Red Bull Records.

While the survival and talent seekers TV shows are busy to pair up different people under one roof, there are still some groups who build the bound from the bottoms. Say it out loud: The Aces are not puppet who get together for one year and get to make music. They, without degrading the value of their friendship, make music of their own.

Why You Should Love This British Indie Band
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Why You Should Love This British Indie Band

There are lots of great indie bands from the UK and one of them is London Grammar. Not many people in the world know this indie band well, but London Grammar has gained more popularity recently through their songs “Strong” and “Hey Now”. If you are a fan of indie music, you definitely need to listen to London Grammar’s songs.

Hannah Reid’s Great Vocal Range
Indie bands have their own characteristics and London Grammar also has its own color. The unique color of their music is felt through the vocal range of the vocalist, Hannah Reid. She has a deep voice and lots of music critique praise her vocal range. She has a contralto vocal range, which is very rare, and it helps in shaping the color of their music.

Great Songs with Deep Meaning
The best thing about this band is that they always create stories through their songs. The lyrics are very deep as they come from their own experience. Most of them imply sadness and they go well with the melancholic melody. As you listen to the songs, you will feel the same experience and it will soothe you in such a way.

Distinct Musical Style
The songs from London Grammar are great for those who enjoy a calm atmosphere. Some people will find it a little bit boring to listen to their songs, but as you listen more, you will be swayed with the melancholic arrangement. It is also good to listen to their songs before bedtime since you will feel calmer and you can sleep soundly.

The soothing voice of the vocalist will enable you to create a good “grammar” for your soul. Their music is always deep in meaning and it can be a good idea to listen to the songs as your goodnight lullaby.

Parquet Courts: The Raising Rock Indie Band From NY
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Parquet Courts: The Raising Rock Indie Band From NY

Ever heard of “rock never dies” phrase? Well, it really does. Just take a look at the raise of new rock band from America; Parquet Courts. They bring rock music with different feels, charging without worrying about the mixed genre slipped in. It seems like there is no boundaries of their rock genre exploration.

The Background
It was 2010 when this band was formed. The original members are Andrew Savage, Fergus and Geronimo, Austin Brown, Sean Yeaton and Max Savage. In charge of vocal and guitar are Andrew Savage and Austin Brown. The drummer is Max Savage and Sean Yeaton is the bassist. The other two members, Fergus and Geronimo departs from the group before it gets to be famous.

Their first album is entitled “American Specialties”. It is doing well in the chart, but not well enough to catch the attention of the fans. It makes the band works harder to explore the style and their own color of rock music. In 2012, they release the second album “Light Up Gold” which catch the attention of many indie band magazines.

Wide Awake!
The gold year for the whole Parquet Courts career is definitely in 2018. Their album “Wide Awake” has sweet selling rates right after it was released to the market. This is without doubt the best album of the band. Everything about the songs, lyrics, composition, even the music video are in sync. Thanks to the friendly and well known director, Danger Mouse, they get extra hands to bring their music to perfection.

Six years is not a long time to gain fame, especially as a rock band. Although this genre has its own fans, not every band could gain mass as fast as Parquet Courts does. Probably one of the determining factor is the endless exploration of the music.