It is actually so much recommended for you to listen to indie band because it will definitely give you the different impression that you might not get from any common bands in the industry. Not only that, it can also offer you so numerous genres of music in the particular interesting way somehow. Fortunately, there are some of the coolest indie bands that you have to listen to. So, let’s find out below.

Hello Yello
The first cool indie band that you have to listen to is Hello Yellow that comes from Oakland, United States of America. This astonishing band, which consists of Dylan as vocalist and guitarist, Jaden as bassist, and Martin as drummer, has made the versatile and warm music such as “Feel That Again”. Yet, they have notably created the sharp edgy song like “Sins” that can give their listeners the distinctive vibe surely. Next, their other track, “I Don’t Care” from the EP of Love Wins, is also something else as it has the grungy music that really reflects their crazy and powerful raw energy. You can definitely see it when you pay attention to their music video and stage performance.

Inner Wave
Furthermore, there is Inner Wave that comes from Inglewood, California, United States of America. This incredible indie band has been creating good music since 2013, such as Whoa, 2031, and so many more still. The reason why their music sounds so easy listening is because their music has the perfect combination of hip-hop, rock, and Latin beats. You can prove it when you have a listen to their albums Underwater Pipe Dreams that was released in 2017 and Underwater+ in 2018. Then, you will find that they always give the same tremendous energy both in studio and live performance.

Hop Along
Last but not least, it will be great for you to listen to an indie band from Philadelphia, Hop Along. This fabulous music group will never fail to impress you in the best way possible through their music especially when you pay more attention to their third album Bark Your Head Off, Dog which was released in 2018. In the other words, they will simply surprise you with the pop, folk, and grunge touch that is combined with the graceful voice of the lead singer, Frances Quinlan. So, all of them get united with the marvelous sound of the guitar which deliver the wild spirit and creativity they have.