It will always be a very nice idea for you to add the outstanding indie bands to your playlist. It is because this particular music group definitely has something else that you might not get from the mainstream music these days. So then, you will get the different impressions that will make you fall in love with the indie band so bad. Well, there are actually some fabulous indie bands that you cannot miss at all. Then, do you really want to figure them out? If you do, let’s find out below.

Big Thief
The first fabulous indie band that you have to listen to is Big Thief which can be defined as one of the best indie bands from Brooklyn, New York, USA. Their songs will really amaze you so well especially when you try to listen to its folk rock beats that combined with the electricity touch. The elements of their music will remind you of Bruce Springsteen a little bit as they make him one of their biggest inspirations. In the simple words, it is actually so much recommended for you to have a listen to their album “Capacity” that was released in 2017. In addition to this, you will see that their live performance is definitely a lit. It is because they seem to always give all of their energy so that they can get connected to everyone who is enjoying their music.

Slow Hollows
Furthermore, the second indie band that you cannot ignore is Slow Hollows with some of the notable musicians joining the band. They are like Austin Anderson, Daniel Fox, Jackson Katz, and Aaron Jassenoff who has started making music since 2013. Well, this amazing band has been rising up as they could make a big step in their career. It is all because they successfully stole the attention of the music fans in the country in 2019. In the simple words, they will offer you the sharp rock or post punk music that sounds so cool with the combination of strings and horns. Not only that, the low pitched of the main vocalist of the band is absolutely something else that can increase the dreamy texture of their song just like what you can enjoy from their 2018 album “Lessons For Later”. Based on this, it is clear that you will never regret adding Slow Hollows on your playlist as it is one of the best indie bands that you have to really anticipate.