There are lots of great indie bands from the UK and one of them is London Grammar. Not many people in the world know this indie band well, but London Grammar has gained more popularity recently through their songs “Strong” and “Hey Now”. If you are a fan of indie music, you definitely need to listen to London Grammar’s songs.

Hannah Reid’s Great Vocal Range
Indie bands have their own characteristics and London Grammar also has its own color. The unique color of their music is felt through the vocal range of the vocalist, Hannah Reid. She has a deep voice and lots of music critique praise her vocal range. She has a contralto vocal range, which is very rare, and it helps in shaping the color of their music.

Great Songs with Deep Meaning
The best thing about this band is that they always create stories through their songs. The lyrics are very deep as they come from their own experience. Most of them imply sadness and they go well with the melancholic melody. As you listen to the songs, you will feel the same experience and it will soothe you in such a way.

Distinct Musical Style
The songs from London Grammar are great for those who enjoy a calm atmosphere. Some people will find it a little bit boring to listen to their songs, but as you listen more, you will be swayed with the melancholic arrangement. It is also good to listen to their songs before bedtime since you will feel calmer and you can sleep soundly.

The soothing voice of the vocalist will enable you to create a good “grammar” for your soul. Their music is always deep in meaning and it can be a good idea to listen to the songs as your goodnight lullaby.