Most Anticipated Indie Rock Albums 2020 – A fan of an indie rock band? This article will bring you to your zone for sure. These most anticipated Indie rock albums are a must-listen too. Ready to Alive and thriving indie rock? Let’s dive in.
• Beach Bunny’s Honeymoon
This one makes many fans thrilled and excited. Beach bunny has built some crowds in Chicago a few years back and popped in some festivals. After getting a deal with Mom+Pop, this quartet’s indie pop-rock band continue making songs. With this album and the lead single ‘Dream Boy,’ they effortlessly enter the list.

• The 1975’s Notes on a Conditional Form
This album will not only wake you up but also will remind you of something important. It becomes a tradition of English pop-rock band that they open the album with an eponymous title track. The 1975 gets a four-minute speech from Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, to open their album. It slaps listeners to not mess with kids and encourages them to do something right now.

• Tame Impala’s the Slow Rush
Tame Impala is back after a five-year break with their album ‘The Slow Rush’. When the rush feeling is something that people avoid, Tame Impala’s rush is something fans will eager to get. This album is claimed as more experimental than recent singles which gives us a fresh feeling. It is similar to the game from which provides players with refreshment as they offer so many out the box concept but still with a big amount of jackpot.

• Fleet Foxes’ Shore
The upcoming Fleet Foxe’s Shore is something fans should anticipate. The frontman, Robin Pecknold describes this album as 15 Big Ones since the album will consist of 15 tracks. Each of them has more than just standard jackpot. They are also referencing to 1976 Beach Boys record which means that Fleet Foxes embraces their nostalgic sound again. Well, let’s find out soon this year.

These four albums are just a few from the actual list of the most anticipated indie rock album this year. There are much more to explore and to enjoy. You can dig in more about the other albums or just try to listen to these albums first. Either way, you will know that indie rock is alive.