What comes to your mind when you hear the word “girl band”? Probably a bunch of slim ladies who could dance and sing well? This definition doesn’t apply for the muses from The Aces. They are fun, eccentric girls who bring the refreshing breeze to pop music. No dancing involved, only a great stage presence and excellent crowd controlling.

Best Friends Turns Into A Band
It should have taken a lot of effort to build a solid band that will last for years. For The Aces, two of the main members, Cristal and Alisa were interested in music making as a third grader. They are siblings who love to sing and have high interest in guitar and drum. As a child, they often sneaked into the big brother room to borrow guitar or to the neighbor’s garage to beat the drum.

One Christmas night, both of them ask their school mate, McKenna Petty to play the bass to balance their melody. It was fun as Petty had no idea how to play the bass. Three little ladies figured things out by themselves. From that day on, they built good reputation in their hometown, a small town in Utah.

Lorde’s Effect
Things went even better after they met Katie who add funky guitar tempo. Unlike three others, Katie got some skills in music. The band wouldn’t be exist if Lorde didn’t win the Grammy Awards. These four ladies are in dilemma; should The Aces disband or continue professionally? After seeing that an 18 years old could live the dream, they decided they also do. They contact Lorde’s manager and sign contract with Red Bull Records.

While the survival and talent seekers TV shows are busy to pair up different people under one roof, there are still some groups who build the bound from the bottoms. Say it out loud: The Aces are not puppet who get together for one year and get to make music. They, without degrading the value of their friendship, make music of their own.