The Best Indie Bands You Have to Listen to – Music has been a very awesome thing in the life of the people as it can not only entertain you, but also express what you are feeling in a beautiful way. So then, it is no wonder if there are so many musicians that try their best effort to show their music to the world including the indie bands. Actually, you can find various options of the best indie band that offer you the distinctive and cool music you have to listen to. In the other words, they can give you the perfect songs you have to add to your playlist. Then, do you really want to know who they are? If you do, it is so much recommended for you to check them out below.
– Hello Yello
Well, one of the best indie bands that you have to listen to Hello Yello which has Dylan (22 years old) as the vocalist and guitarist, Jaden (20 years old) as the bassist, and Martin (20 years old) on the drum. This particular splendid indie bands, which id from Oakland, California, USA, will definitely blow your mind through their three amazing songs so far. You will feel the warm and laid back vibes when you listen to their songs especially the one called “Feel That Again”. Then, you can also feel their energy when you listen to the squealing guitars. Not only that, they also have another single called “I Don’t Care” which they perform in a nice grungy music you will love so much. The raw energy and the bold spirit of the youth they bring while singing the song is definitely something else that will make you want to listen to it again and again.

The Best Indie Bands You Have to Listen to

– Inner Wave
Furthermore, the other best indie band that you cannot miss Inner Wave which is made up of five personnel from Inglewood, California, USA. This band has been playing music together since 2013, so that they can blend their influences of hip hop and rock to Latin beats. Based on this, it is not surprising that they can show you the notable chemistry in live performance or in the recording studio. Besides, they actually released fabulous albums during these several years, and also a collection of the songs they have worked on from 2013 to 2017. The great thing about their albums, mainly Underwater + (2018), will always offer you the catchy songs such as “2031” and “Whoa”. So, you will never get bored every time you listen to the songs surely.