Music can be defined as one of the best exciting thing that always gets better and more interesting at the same time. So then, there are so many people that fall in love with music even if it is created in different genres and languages. Perhaps, it is the reason why there are so many talented cool indie bands really want to show their music. Many of them can offer you the awesome music to complete your playlist for sure. Well, in case you are so curious about those cook indie bands, it will so much better for you to keep reading below.

Big Thief
Big Thief is one of the cool indie bands that create remarkable songs since these few years. This astonishing band, which is from Brooklyn, New York USA, has the notable album “Capacity” (2017) that became their biggest project so far. This kind of album was such a big step to the band as it could steal the attention of the distinctive indie music. Actually, there is a song called “Shark Smile” which you can hear the perfect combination of the intimate folk rock and electricity. Yet, on the other hand, the lyrics of the song describe a tragedy with the disturbing force especially when you pay more attention to the catchiest part of the song. However, it is the unique side of the band that can make them get connected to anyone who love their music.

Ezra Collective
Moreover, Ezra Collective is the other cool indie band that you better add to your playlist. This British band, which made up of TJ Koleoso (bass), Femi Koleoso (drums), Dylan Jones (Trumpet), James Mollison (saxophone), and Joe Armon-Jones (keys), is an incredible music group that offer you the vibrant jazz inspired music you will adore so much. In the simple words, this band can play the versatile rooted music, and even combine it with some contemporary genres such as afrobeat and hip hop. Well, it has released its debut album “You Can’t Steal My Joy” in April 2019, with a new single called “Quest for Coin” and a collaboration with Jorja Smith as well. Additionally, all the members of the band always try to be honest and true to the beautiful diversity of London. They think that their home city is the nice place where you can listen any kinds of music on any part it has. Thus, it is no wonder if you find the kind of London vibe when you listen to them.