In order to be the best, it is better to learn from the best. This principle is embraced by all the members who diligently joined many gigs in France. They had been the supports for popular French band. After receiving the much needed support for their music, the band decided to go back to the homeland and started their own career.

The Music Style
This is a brand new brand, formed back in the end of 2017. The members of this band is Enzo, Freddie, Gary and Koby. The vocalist of the group is Enzo, who also play the guitar. Freddie is another guy who play the guitar, Gary plays the bass and Koby plays the drum. These four people are getting popular after performing in various stages in French.

While listening to their music style, many would agree that the characteristic the band wants to build is rooted to electric guitar sound. In all the songs they have presented until today, each one starts with intense guitar melody, somehow screeching deep enough to send shiver through the listener’s spine. Enzo’s deep voice, the faint bass and slow tempo of the drum somehow could make the melody works well.

The Latest Single
On December 28th, The Ringards dropped their single “Steppenwolf”. It is the name of a cartoon character that will appear on the doom day. Matching to the concept of the title, the song itself gives gothic feels. The bass has stronger touch to highlight the concept while complementing the deep vocal. Th duration is less than three minutes, but the listener would be brought to a different experience of indie band music.

The strength of indie music is the unpredictable pattern of the music and lyrics. It could go to any direction, as long as the band stay within the genre boundary. This is what The Ringards tries to aim in every album. Be ready to be their fan!